Recovery Flasher v1.50 - Say Goodbye to Semi-bricks Forever - Playstation Portable

Recovery Flasher v1.50 - Say Goodbye to Semi-bricks Forever

H E L L C A T s - R e c o v e r y - F l a s h e r
========================= ========================= =====
* recover semi-bricks * up-/downgrade your CFW *
* flash *ANY* CFW directely to 3.71 M33/4.01 M33/5.00 M33-3 *
* backup/restore firmware flash (not NAND dump) *
all without Pandora
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Now people that don't have a pandora's battery and you have a semi-brick today is you lucky day. Homebrew Developer, Hellcat, has just released an easier way to get out of semi-brick and install a fresh new CFW, 3.71 M33/4.01 M33/5.00 M33 to be exact, without pandora's battery. Its called Recovery Flasher, all it requires is an EBOOT in the recovery folder and a EBOOT of the 3.71 M33/4.01 M33/5.00 M33 firmware update. Turn on your PSP and hold down the R trigger, to enter the Recovery Menu and click the Run Program and BAM goodbye semi-bricks plus it's also an easy custom firmware install on your PSP without a pandora's battery.

What's this?

- Flashes a fresh 3.71 M33, 4.01 M33, or 5.00 M33 - for recovering semi-bricks or to
up-/downgrade CFW
- does not use Pandora, runs from the recovery menu or the XMB
- does not use (as in launch) the original Sony Updater (only extracts
all required files from the origin .PBP)
- runs fine on CFWs lower than 3.52-M33-3 - handy for upgrading older
CFWs w/ow/o the “need to go 3.52, then 3.52-3, then higher” odyssey
- runs fine from TimeMachine (3.40-OE on Fat and 3.60-M33 on Slim)
- can backup the FW flash and restore selected parts (XMB theme,
settings, PSN activation)

-Copy the RECOVERY folder from the archive to /PSP/GAME/ on your
memory stick, so that you get a /PSP/GAME/RECOVERY/ folder containing the
apps EBOOT on your stick.
-Now copy the official Sony 5.00 update EBOOT, renamed as 500.pbp, into the RECOVERY folder as well. (NANTINYA KEMBALI KE 5.00M33)
-Then from the recovery menu run by selecting "Run program at /PSP/GAME/RECOVERY/EBOOT.PBP"

download : VERSI 1.5 VERSI 1.6
credit to : rusty

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