New 3rd Alternative costume And release date of Dissidia 012

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New Alternative costume for laguna is from galbadian army suit,cloud of darkness,onion knights,ultimecia has edea form,and squall sleevesless form.dissidia duodecim will release at 3 march 2011.

New Boss in KH:Birth By Sleep Final Mix

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theres a new bos named "no Hearts' he wore armow like xemnas in KH2,he wield xehanort blade and sat in a land of departure throne can face him in Mirage arena.

Kingdom Hears:Birth bY Sleep Final Mix - Latest News & Scans From Famistu Magazine

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Image- New commands obtainable in Mission Mode!

'In Final Mix, you can obtain new commands by achieving the objectives within the time limit of the newly added Battle Mission feature. If you clear the missions with a high enough score, you can obtain the Illusion command, though it isn’t available in all missions. An example of this sort of new missions being introduced, you collect the balls dropped by enemies when you attack them. In total, there are 9 new types of missions.

- Who is the armored man shrouded in mystery?

A new mission added to the Arena Mode is the “Instruction of Light.” The armored man that appears there unleashes harsh moves that are hard to evade. The man resembles Terra and company’s teacher Master Eraqus, but maybe we can understand his true form if he is defeated? He lashes at the player with chains made of light; if you get caught you can’t move! The chains lift the player up and slam them into the ground. Additionally, when caught in these chains he can change your battle style back to normal. He also releases lasers that strike at high speeds and attack regardless of your distance from him.