Kingdom Hearts:Birth By Sleep - Aqua Walkthrough


[WLK:A0] Aqua's Story: Land of Departure
The main story begins with Terra and Aqua attempting the test to become
Keyblade masters. Right away, there is a problem though:

+-BOSS FIGHT: BERSERK ORBS----------------------------------------------------+
| |
| These guys have two attacks: |
| |
| Attack 1: Fly back and forth damaging you if you are close. This does not |
| do much damage. |
| Attack 2: Slowly sweep lasers across the room. |
| |
| If an orb uses the laser attack, evade it as best you can and then hit the |
| orb to make it stop. The orbs moves around a lot, but Aqua has a lot of |
| long range attacks in her command deck. These all work pretty well. |

The main reward for this battle is the Magic Wish Command Style. After filling
up your Command Bar with at least one or two uses of a battle command, you will
now switch styles instead of using your basic finisher move. As the game goes
on, you will find other finisher moves and other command styles as well. Which
basic finisher move you use is chosen in the menu, but which command style you
get is determined by which kinds of battle commands you use.

Once the battle is over, there will be another cutscene and then off you go! As
an additional reward for clearing the Land of Departure, you will begin with
the KEYBLADE BOARD, which you can try out any time you would like. (See the
Command Board section [MIN:CB] for more information.) You will also get the
TERRA and VEN D-LINKS. Using these will temporarily change your battle commands
and finisher move. D-Links can be pretty strong, especially at the beginning of
the game, so don't forget to use them!

[WLK:A1] Aqua's Story: Castle of Dreams

When Aqua's story begins, you will be in space on your Keyblade bike. Only one
world will be accessible so head over there. It is the Castle of Dreams. So...
welcome to your first world!

For each world, I will always list up-front where you can find all the treasure
chests and the Prize Pots (see below) in that world. I will generally use
compass directions to say exactly where each chest is. I know this isn't too
helpful at first, but once you get the map for the world, you should be able to
use the compass directions no problem.

Now, on to Prize Pots. These guys are rare "enemies" that fly around without
attacking. Every time you hit one of them, it will drop an icecream ingredient.
Which ingredients you get depends on which world you are in. Once you reach
Disney Town, you will be able to synthesize a few bonuses, including a new
Keyblade, with these ingredients. See the Icrecream Shop section [COL:IS] if
you want the details. In the meantime, try to find the Prize Pots for each
world before moving on!

Note: In most worlds, the Prize Pots only show up sometimes. If you do not see
them, leave the area and come back until them. However, once you see them once
in a world, they will not reappear until you leave the entire world.

+--TREASURE CHESTS------------------------------------------------------------+
| MAGIC RECIPE: House, Southeast corner |
| HI-POTION: Plaza, Northwest corner next to the stairs |
| SLOW: Plaza, West side |
| POTION: Plaza, Southeast corner |
| TIME CRYSTAL: Grand Staircase, West side |
| REFLECT BLITZ: Grand Staircase, Under the balcony just east of the stairs |
| POTION: Grand Staircase, Northwest corner |
| THUNDERSTORM: Grand Staircase, Southeast corner of the top balcony |
| In the Grand Staircase area, under the balcony just west of the stairs. |
| You have to meet the Tremaine family before they appear though. |

Before getting too far into this world, let me repeat the advice I gave at the
beginning of Terra's story, in case you are just starting off. There are three
things you should be using regularly to give yourself an edge in combat:

- Shoot Lock. Press L+R. You are vulnerable when charging but other than
that, Shoot Locks are the strongest and safest attacks in the game.
- D-Link. Unlike with other characters, you don't get the immediate bonus of
healing off D-Links, but the Terra and Ven D-Links do become very strong
once you level them up a bit. Press right on the directional pad to switch
to the D-Link menu.
- Magic Wish and/or a finisher move. These are activated whenever your
command bar fills up. Which one you get depends on whether you have been
using battle commands or just attacking.

You can only use Shoot Lock when your Focus Bar is full, and you can only use
D-Links when your D-Link bar is full, but don't worry: they fill up fast. Also,
you want to level up your D-Links, and you can only do that by using them!

You will start off in the Grand Staircase area. Head up the stairs to meet
Prince Charming and the Tremaine family, and also to get the world MAP. Now you
just need to leave the castle and head off to the Tremaine house - everything
is very linear in this world so you shouldn't get lost. Be sure to pick up
chests and loot the Prize Pots as you go. (See the table above for all the

Once you get to the house, approach the door and then talk to the Fairy
Godmother again to help Jaq the mouse.

+-BOSS FIGHT: JAQ ESCORT------------------------------------------------------+
| |
| You have to escort Jaq through a single room in Cinderella's house. There |
| are not too many enemies in the way, but they can still be dangerous to |
| both you and Jaq. |
| |
| First of all, I recommend equipping Slow. A single cast of this will make |
| every nearby enemy much easier to deal with. Once the enemies are slowed, |
| you want to be spamming magic as much as possible so that you enter the |
| Magic Wish Command Style. If you can then build up the Command Bar further |
| and do a Magic Wish finisher move, you will be able to take out pretty much |
| everything in sight. (Be sure to move around once the finisher move starts, |
| so that you hit as many creatures as possible.) The main threats here are |
| the Bruisers (the big fat enemies), so keep an eye out on any of those guys |
| that appear, and in particular watch out for the shockwaves they create |
| when they jump. |
| |
| If at any point, a Square button appears on screen, you can press Square to |
| protect Jaq from an incoming attack. You can often follow this up by |
| pressing O to do a strong counter-attack. Mainly though, you just need to |
| stay near Jaq and constantly be using your strongest magic. If you have |
| trouble, you can always level up a little bit. |

With a little more intervention from Aqua, Cinderella will produce her glass
slipper and off she goes. Sadly though, she won't be getting too far. Follow
her back towards the castle for the world's main boss fight.

+-BOSS FIGHT: CURSED CARRIAGE-------------------------------------------------+
| |
| Like Terra's and Ven's first bosses, the Cursed Carriage is both strong and |
| complicated, at least for a first boss. You might want to equip a Potion so |
| that you can heal if necessary. |
| |
| The Cursed Carriage will use the following attacks: |
| |
| 1. Spin around rapidly while moving towards you. This attack can do a lot |
| of damage if it hits you dead-on. But if you Reflect it (push Square |
| as the Cursed Carriage gets close), you will knock the Carriage over. |
| You can then do one or two full combos before it gets up. Watch out |
| though: it will flail around a bunch when it does get back up. |
| 2. Walk towards you and attack a few times with its arms. You can (and |
| should) also Reflect this attack, but the Carriage will not be knocked |
| over. |
| 3. Jump around a number of times, creating shockwaves wherever it lands. |
| Again, use Reflect to protect yourself from the shockwaves. If you get |
| a Reflect off near the Cursed Carriage, this will knock it down, just |
| like for the spin attack. |
| 4. Shoot out a number of smaller creatures, called Thorn Bites. These |
| guys will stick around until you kill them, but they are slow and have |
| no range, so it's easy to stay out of their way. You can try to kill |
| them if you want, but don't lose track of the Cursed Carriage, because |
| it is the much bigger threat. |
| 5. Back up a bit, and then try to suck you into its mouth. This attack is |
| repeated three times or until you get swallowed. You can either just |
| stay back with Cartwheel, or you can maneuver behind the Carriage |
| while it does this attack. That will give you time to do a combo while |
| it is facing the wrong direction. Just watch out, because after the |
| third attempt on this attack, the Carriage will often suddenly switch |
| to something more dagerous. If you do mess up and get swallowed, mash |
| O to get out. |
| 6. Fly up in the air and shoot volleys of bombs at the ground. These |
| cannot be Reflected. Use Cartwheel and keep moving to stay safe. |
| |
| This is a fight that rewards patience. It is safe to attack if the Cursed |
| Carriage starts rolling around randomly like it does at the start of the |
| fight, if you got behind it while it is trying to swallow you, or if you |
| knock it over. That's pretty much it. In all other situations, you should |
| back off and wait for the Cursed Carriage to make the first move. Evade the |
| attacks and counter as described above. |
| |
| If you are having trouble, remember to bring some form of healing. Also, |
| don't be ashamed to level up more. That will help a lot. |

As a reward, you will get a Deck Command Slot, which lets you equip another
battle command, and your maximum HP will go up. You will also get the CRYSTAL

[WLK:AI] Aqua's Story: Interlude

With the Castle of Dreams clear, you will now have a choice of where to go
next. The map points out two major story worlds that you can go to: the Dwarf
Woodlands and the Enchanted Dominion.

Here are some other things you can do at any point.
- Go back to the Land of Departure and pick up the four chests that are
- Go to the Mirage Arena (the far left world) and try entering a tournament.
Most likely you will lose, but it's still fun.
- Play a round on the Command Board (see [MIN:CB]). This optional mini-game
gives you a few abilities that you cannot get in other ways, and it also
helps level up whatever abilities you already have.

[WLK:A2] Aqua's Story: Land of Departure

+--TREASURE CHESTS------------------------------------------------------------+
| SPARKLING CRYSTAL: Trail, Near the top exit |
| HI-POTION: Trail, Near the top exit |
| BIND: Trail, Near the bottom exit |
| TIME CRYSTAL: Summit, Near the flags |

The only thing to do here is pick up the chests in areas you explored during
the prologue. Be sure to actually do this though. Late in the game, these
chests will become impossible to get, and then you won't be able to get 100%
completion in the journal.

[WLK:A3] Aqua's Story: Dwarf Woodlands

+--TREASURE CHESTS------------------------------------------------------------+
| LETTER BALLOON: Underground Hall, South side just west of the central |
| platform |
| POTION: Underground Hall, South side near the east exit |
| SPARKLING CRYSTAL: Underground Hall, North side on the ledge |
| MAGNET: Underground Hall, South side on the central platform |
| SPARKLING CRYSTAL: Underground Waterway, South end (past the first locked |
| grate) |
| TIME CRYSTAL: Underground Waterway, West side (past the second locked |
| grate) |
| FIRE: Underground Waterway, Northwest corner (past the third locked grate) |
| CRACKER FIRAGA: Courtyard, Northwest corner on a platform (need high level |
| High Jump or Air Slide) |
| POTION: Courtyard, Northeast corner |
| MAP: Courtyard, Northwest corner on the ground |
| TIME CRYSTAL: Courtyard, Northwest corner on the stairs |
| SATIATED CRYSTAL: Flower Meadow, Northwest corner |
| HI-POTION: Dark Forest, South end |
| ETHER: Dark Forest, North end |
| POTION: Dark Forest, North end |
| REVENGE BLITZ: Dwarfs' House, Northwest cornwer |
| POISON: Dwarfs' House, Southeast corner down the stream |
| ATTACK RECIPE: Dwarfs' Room, Northeast corner |
| In the southwest corner of the Flower Meadow area. |

The Dwarf Woodlands start with you meeting the "dead" Snow White (you do know
the fairy tale better than that, right?). Your job is to head to the Queen's
castle and look for help. Once again, this world is pretty linear so just
follow the path through the woods. In the Courtyard area, there is a chest on a
high platform in the northwest corner. You probably can't get it right now, but
remember it's there. Once you have gotten and leveled up High Jump (or gotten
Air Slide), you can come back and get the chest by jumping on top of the wall
in the middle of the courtyard, then on top of the archway, and from there on
to the platform. You can swing your Keyblade in mid-air to get more distance
during this last jump.

The next area you go to is called the Underground Waterway, and it is much more
interesting. First notice there are jugs that are constantly changing color. If
you hit them while they are green, they will recharge your health; if you hit
them while they are blue, they will recharge your D-Link bar; and if you hit
them while they are red, they will explode, damaging both you and the enemies!
Plan accordingly.

There are also a couple looms. If you hit one of these, it will open up one of
the grates for a short time which you can then run through. The first loom
opens the route to the second loom, and the second loom opens TWO grates (the
second grate is in the room behind the first grate). You will have to hurry to
get all the way through, but you can try as many times as you want. If you get
through everything, you will get the Fire spell, which will be handy in the
next room.

This next room is the Underground Hall, and you willstart on a high ledge. If
you fall off and want to get back, you will have to find a steam jet on the
north side of the room to propel you up. There is also a platform in the center
of the room, but the steam jet leading up to it is dormant. You need to first
find the steam jet (next to a furnace) just west of this platform. Hit the
furnace with the Fire spell you got in the previous room, and then the steam
jet will come alive, allowing you to get up.

Once that is taken care of, head on and you will reach the boss for the world.

+--BOSS FIGHT: MAGIC MIRROR---------------------------------------------------+
| |
| This is a rather atmospheric fight inside the heart of the magic mirror. |
| You will have to deal with the following attacks: |
| |
| Attack 1: The mirror flies towards you, either directly or in a zigzag |
| pattern. Use Reflect to avoid taking damage. |
| Attack 2: The mirror pops out of the ground and shoots an ice bolt at you. |
| Use Cartwheel to avoid it and at the same time approach the |
| mirror for an attack or two. This sequence is always repeated |
| three times in a row. If you get hit by an ice bolt, you will be |
| temporarily confused, meaning your controls will be messed up. |
| Attack 3: Huge rows of mirrors appear on either side of you, and they all |
| spit out fireballs. Just run (don't Cartwheel) directly forwards |
| along the line to avoid all projectiles. |
| Attack 4: Copies of the mirror appear and start spinning around you, |
| eventually shooting out a salvo of fireballs. Use Reflect to |
| avoid this. After dodging one salvo, you will be able to attack |
| back. Look for the mirror that is smiling (also the only mirror |
| that you can target with L+R), and instead of Reflecting, run up |
| to hit it after the mirrors stop to attack the SECOND time. If |
| you try this the first time, you will just get hit. |
| |
| If the mirror is not doing any of these attacks, it is safe to go on the |
| offensive. If you're lucky, you'll stun it and knock it to the ground. Once |
| the mirror starts doing something though, avoid it as explained above. |
| There is no reason to take any damage if you are careful. |
| |
| One annoyance is the game sometimes lags during attack #3. This is the main |
| reason why it is better to walk than to Carthweel. You might want to switch |
| to 333 MHz in the options menu to minimize this lag. |
| |
| Note: If you have done Terra's story already, this fight is almost but not |
| completely identical to his version. Attack #2 replaces the flying |
| fire bolt attack here. Also, you should use Reflect instead of |
| Cartwheel/Slide for dodging attack #4. Everything else is the same. |

You will also get the ROCK SPLENDOR KEYBLADE and the SNOW WHITE D-LINK for
clearing the world.

[WLK:A4] Aqua's Story: Enchanted Dominion

+--TREASURE CHESTS------------------------------------------------------------+
| MAP: Witch's Castle: Jail, Southeast corner |
| ABSOLUTE ZERO: Witch's Castle: Gate, Ramparts in the northeast corner |
| PERVADING CRYSTAL: Witch's Castle: Gate, Ramparts west of the north exit |
| CURE: Witch's Castle: Gate, On the ground just north of the north exit |
| POWER CRYSTAL: Witch's Castle: Gate, Ramparts in the northeast corner |
| SLEEP: Witch's Castle: Gate, Ramparts in the southwest corner |
| CONFUSE STRIKE: Witch's Castle: Throne Room, South end |
| HI-POTION: Witch's Castle: Underground, West platform |
| ICE BARRAGE: Witch's Castle: Undergruond, Southeast platform (need high |
| level High Jump) |
| HI-POTION: Witch's Castle: Entrance, Southwest corner |
| ETHER: Forest: Lakeside, West side (halfway through the room) |
| LETTER BALLOON: Forest: Lakeside, West side (towards the south) |
| POTION: Forest: Lakeside, Southwest corner |
| HI-POTION: Forest: Square, East side |
| In the south end of the Forest: Lakeside area. If you are coming from the |
| Forest: Square, the Prize Pots should be in the nook immediately on your |
| left as you enter. |

You begin outside Maleficent's dark and foreboding castle, and Aqua, being the
brave hero types, wants to explore. Lucky you! Head up the bridge to reach the
gate area. Unfortunately, most of the ramparts here are inaccessible right now,
but do be sure to pick up and equip CURE from the chest near the north exit.

Here and elsewhere in the castle, you will be fighting lots of Pig Soldiers. In
large packs, these guys can be pretty dangerous. They are aggressive, they have
strong melee attacks, and they can also pester you from range with arrows. The
good news is they are completely incapacitated by elemental magic: Fire,
Blizzard, and Thunder. So if you are having trouble, be sure to equip those

Anyway, head inside and you will get unceremoniously booted down to the jail
area. From here, your goal will just be to escape. It's pretty linear, so you
shouldn't have much trouble finding your way. The first real challenge is in
the Altar Room, where you will have to fight a bunch of Pig Soldiers. Try to
pick off enemies that are away from the main group here. Pig Soldiers are most
dangerous when you are surrounded. If you get badly wounded, just back off and
cast Cure. The room is huge, so you should have no trouble finding a place to
rest if you need it.

After the fight, you can take the exit in the northeast corner or in the south
wall to reach the upper platform of the Witch's Castle: Underground, where you
can one of the the two chests. The other chest requires jumping a long way,
which you probably can't do yet, even with Reflect Blitz. I recommend coming
back later.

When you are ready, go out the west exit from the Altar Room, and then head on
through the Throne Room to get outside.

+--BOSS FIGHT: ESCAPE MALEFICENT'S CASTLE-------------------------------------+
| Reward: HIGH JUMP |
| |
| The Gate area is teeming with Pig Soldiers, and the route out has been |
| blocked off. Your main goal here should be to kill any and all Pig Soldiers |
| on the ground. More enemies will be pelting you from the ramparts the whole |
| time, so be ready to duck behind a wall and heal if necessary. |
| |
| Once you have killed all available Pig Soldiers, Philip will run over to |
| a spot by the ramparts and beckon to you. Go up to him, press Square, and |
| then O to knock out a hole in the wall. You can then use that hole to climb |
| up. From there, you will find a wheel tucked into a corner. Smack it with |
| your Keyblade to open one of the gates blocking your way. There are two |
| gates altogether, so you will need to do whole this sequence twice. |
| |
| The main catch is that if you don't push O in time after pushing Square, |
| more Pig Soldiers will appear, and you will have to kill them before trying |
| again. So be ready to push O after pushing Square! Also, if all the enemies |
| are dead on the ground, but Philip is still just following you, try walking |
| near the enemies on the edges of the ramparts. Some of them will jump down, |
| and killing them will let you move on. |

Now just keep heading onwards through the forest until you reach the Bridge,
and the world's boss fight.

+--BOSS FIGHT: DRAGON MALEFICENT----------------------------------------------+
| |
| This fight can be pretty tricky if you don't know what you're doing. At |
| first, Maleficent will just stay on one end of the bridge, and use the |
| following attacks: |
| |
| 1. Breathe green fire, covering the entire bridge in front of her. Except |
| in one important case (see below), the only way to dodge this is to |
| run past Maleficent so you are behind her head. Just wait there until |
| the fire disappears. While you wait, you can pelt her with Shoot Locks |
| and/or ranged spells. |
| |
| 2. Biting attacks directly ahead of her. Stay back until she is done and |
| then you can hit her a couple times. |
| |
| 3. Stomp on the ground, once with each front foot, causing shockwaves. |
| This attack will be repeated three to four times altogether without |
| much pause, and then unless you daze her, Maleficent will always |
| follow up with attack #4. You can combo Maleficent during this time, |
| but try to time it so that you are in the air while she is stomping. |
| |
| 4. Maleficent rears up on her hind legs, then comes crashing back down. |
| This can hit you if you are anywhere near her, even if you are in the |
| air. Either stay back or use Reflect. One of two things could happen |
| next. Maleficent could stop and pause, in which case her next attack |
| could be anything. More often though, she will repeat this attack |
| three to four times and then breathe fire (similar to attack #1, but |
| covering a little more range and lasting longer.) If Maleficent does |
| repeat the rearing attack, you will also hear Philip calling to you. |
| Run behind him, and he will protect you from the fire breath. You will |
| then be able to do the good old Philip combo where you push Square + O |
| for a free hit on Maleficent. This stuns her too, so you should have |
| time to follow it with a combo. |
| |
| If you don't know what attack is coming next during this phase, you should |
| stay close to Maleficent, and be ready to duck behind her. Once she commits |
| to attack #3 or attack #4 though, it becomes more predictable. Get in what |
| hits you can, and then be ready to hide behind Philip. |
| |
| Eventually, Maleficent will switch her strategy and fly into the air. She |
| will (slowly) charge across the bridge, land on the other side, rear up |
| once, and then if you are in front of here, she will cover the whole bridge |
| with green fire. And then she will repeat. What you need to do is stay |
| close to Philip. As Maleficent begins her charge, you will get the option |
| of doing the Square + O combo to get catapulted onto her back. You can |
| actually combo her from up there, but don't get fancy with deck commands - |
| you don't want to fall off too soon. Once you do fall off, run to the end |
| of the bridge that Maleficent is at, so that you are a bit behind her when |
| she lands. Eventually, she will fly up again, and the whole sequence will |
| repeat until you beat her. |
| |
| There shouldn't be any real surprises during this part - just be careful |
| you don't end up far away from Maleficent when she lands. If that happens, |
| you will have nowhere to go when she breathes fire. |

Afterwards, you will get the FAIRY STAR KEYBLADE, XEHANORT'S REPORT #6, and a
bit of cheesy dialogue. You tell her, Aqua!

[WLK:A5] Aqua's Story: Radiant Garden

+--TREASURE CHESTS------------------------------------------------------------+
| POTION: Main Street, Northeast corner |
| ETHER: Main Street: Southwest corner |
| HI-POTION: Waterway, Northeast corner along the outer wall |
| THUNDARA: Waterway, North end on the top level |
| HI-POTION: Waterway, South end in a nook off the main bridge |
| GUARD RECIPE: Waterway, North end on the top level |
| BARRIER CRACKER: Fountain Square, Northeast corner on the platform |
| MOISTURE CRYSTAL: Fountain Square, Northeast corner on the platform |
| XEHANORT'S REPORT #3: Merlin's House, West end |
| ZERO GRAVITY: Garden, Bottom level southwest corner |
| PERVADING CRYSTAL: Garden, Second level southeast corner |
| STRIKE RAID: Garden, Second level northwest corner |
| TIME CRYSTAL: Garden, Top level north end |
| MAP: Front Gate, South end |
| CURE-ALL: Front Gate, South end |
| DETONATE SQUARE: Front Gate, West end of the top level |
| In the northeast nook along the water in the Fountain Square. You will |
| have to clear a group of four Blue Sea-Salts first. |

You begin in the Town Square area with only one exit open to you. (Aqua will
refuse to go in the other directions.) This will take you to the Garden area
where you will meet a couple new and nasty enemies. First of all, there are
Mandrakes: green plants that spawn from far away and shoot projectiles at you
along the ground. If these guys are causing problems, get close to them with
Cartwheel, and they will pop out of the ground. After that, they will stop
shooting projectiles and you will be able to do whatever you were doing in
relative peace. There are also Illimitable Tanks; these guys are basically
giant balloons. After you hurt them a bunch, they may glow red and start
rolling around on the ground. They are invincible at this point, and they will
blow up in 10 to 15 seconds. Just back off.

Anyway, head up to the Front Gate of Ansem's Castle, and you will meet Mickey
Mouse and a young Kairi. You will have to beat a group of Unversed here, but
with Mickey's help, you shouldn't have too much trouble even if you are low
level. Afterwards, you will get the MICKEY D-LINK and the DESTINY BLAZE

Now follow the giant Unversed out to the Garden and then through the new exit
to reach a boss fight.

+--BOSS FIGHT: TRINITY ARMOR--------------------------------------------------+
| |
| If you have played other Kingdom Hearts games, you probably remember the |
| Guard Armor. Well, this guy is an updated version of that boss. Basically, |
| he has separate legs, arms, and head, and you need to kill them one at a |
| time. |
| |
| At the beginning of the fight, the pieces are all attached, and the Trinity |
| Armor will use the following attacks in order: |
| |
| Attack 1: Shoot fireballs up into the sky. These will land on the ground |
| where you and your allies were standing a couple seconds ago, |
| and they will explode into more fireballs on contact. While the |
| fireballs are being shot up, you should have time for two quick |
| combos. After that, immediately start moving so you are not hit. |
| Attack 2: Fly directly at you (or one of your allies) in a ramming attack. |
| The Trinity Armor will do this three times in a row. Use Reflect |
| to avoid this. |
| Attack 3: Move to the center of the room, charge up a huge laser, and send |
| it back and forth in a sweeping motion around the room. While |
| the Trinity Armor is moving and while it is charging the laser, |
| you should have time to hit it a bunch. Once the laser is out, |
| use Cartwheel to run right THROUGH it as it sweeps by. You are |
| invincible while the Cartwheel is happening! |
| |
| After these three attacks (or earlier, if you kill something quickly), the |
| Trinity Armor will split into pieces, and you will have time to do a little |
| more damage before the next attack. I don't think there's anything random |
| in what it does, but the attack order depends on what you've destroyed, so |
| it's a bit complicated. I will just list the options: |
| |
| Attack 1: All pieces of the Trinity Armor start spinning rapidly across |
| the room. If you get hit by one, you will take heavy damage. I |
| recommend going into a corner and protecting yourself with |
| Reflect while this attack happens. If you have a high-level |
| Shoot Lock, you can also use that to give yourself temporary |
| invincibility. |
| Attack 2: The pieces might just do their own thing. The legs stomp around, |
| and the head and arms fly around. This is a good time to attack. |
| You might take a little damage here or there, but it won't hurt |
| too much. |
| Attack 3: If at least two pieces are alive, they might slowly circle |
| around the room, shooting a constant lightning beam towards the |
| center. This attack looks scary but is actually not too bad. Run |
| to the outside of the room, and attack whichever piece of the |
| Trinity Armor is moving towards you. |
| Attack 4: The head might shoot fireballs or lasers all over the place. I |
| recommend just evading while this happens. This often seems to |
| be followed by attack #1, so be ready. |
| Attack 5: The remaining pieces of the Trinity Armor might fuse together |
| and do the giant laser again (attack #3 in the first list). |
| |
| In general, watch out for the spinning attack (#1 in the second list), the |
| giant laser (#3 in the first list), and the fireball/laser sprays (#4 in |
| the second list). The rest you can probably handle without too much danger. |
| By the way, you have to destroy the head last. It will stop taking damage |
| at some point if the other pieces are left alive, so if that happens, just |
| switch targets. |
| |
| Good luck! You will be doing this fight at least three times throughout the |
| course of the game, so I hope you like it! |

After the fight, you will also get a TICKET TO DISNEY TOWN. You can't go back
the way you came, but there's another exit taking you to the waterway and then
to Fountain Square. There are some chests here on a platform in the northeast
corner. To get to them, jump from the central platform on the third level down
to the water jet on the east platform on the second level. The water jet will
propel you all the way up to the east platform on the highest level. One more
jump will get you to the chests. Make sure you equip the BARRIER CRACKER
ability you find there - it is one of the best abilities in the game.

In the next area, you will meet Merlin. Go into his house and examine the book
to get the HONEY POT BOARD. Once you are ready, keep going and you will find
yourself back on Main Street where another boss will be waiting for you.

+-BOSS FIGHT: VANITAS ROUND 1-------------------------------------------------+
| |
| This fight is pretty much the same as Ven's fight against Vanitas in the |
| Mysterious Wilderness, but you should have Reflect and Barrier Cracker |
| here. These two abilities make everything much easier. |
| |
| Vanitas is very aggressive, and will constantly be coming after you with |
| one of the following attacks: |
| |
| 1. A two-hit combo starting with a long dash, meaning you can be hit even |
| at a distance. |
| 2. A slow fireball that soon splits into five fast homing fireballs. |
| 3. Jump into the air (possibly covering a long distance to get to you), |
| and then spray the ground with lightning bolts. |
| 4. After being hit, Ven will also sometimes leave a stationary image of |
| himself behind, appear above you, and come down with a diving attack. |
| |
| Except for the lightning, all of these attacks can be blocked by Reflect, |
| and Vanitas won't use the lightning if you are close up. |
| |
| So the strategy's really simple actually. Run up to Vanitas and Reflect as |
| he is about to attack, then press O to do Barrier Cracker. There is no need |
| to do regular combos at all and risk Vanitas countering, although if you |
| are feeling confident, you certainly can. |
| |
| If you take damage and need to heal, then things get a little trickier. |
| Unless you have Leaf Bracer already, there is a serious danger that your |
| Cure spell will be interrupted by Vanitas's lightning attack. To prevent |
| that, be patient! Wait for Vanitas to attack and evade him with Cartwheel. |
| Then immediately cast Cure before he can attack again. |
| |
| If all goes well though, you shouldn't really have to heal. Stay right up |
| close and abuse Reflect + Barrier Cracker. Once you get the pattern down, |
| Vanitas won't have a chance. |

[WLK:A6] Aqua's Story: Disney Town

+--TREASURE CHESTS------------------------------------------------------------+
| MAP: Main Street, Southwest corner |
| POTION: Main Street, Northwest corner |
| SPINNING CRYSTAL: Race Venue, Northwest corner on the second level |
| FIRA: Race Venue, Southeast corner on the bottom level |
| SLOTS BLADE: Race Venue, Rooftop (come from Pete's Playground) |
| SATIATED CRYSTAL: Trick Room, Southwest corner on a platform (must activate |
| the machine to get it) |
| MEGA-POTION: Trick Room, Northwest corner on a platform (must activate the |
| the machine to get it) |
| CHAOS CRYSTAL: Trick Room, Northwest corner on a platform (must activate |
| the machine to get it) |
| THUNDER: Trick Room, Northwest corner on the bottom level |
| THUNDER: Trick Room, Southwest corner on the bottom level |
| POWER CRYSTAL: Trick Room, Platform north of the elevator (must activate |
| the machine to get it) |
| MEGA-POTION: Trick Room, Platform north of the elevator (must activate the |
| machine to get it) |
| CURE-ALL: Pete's Playground, Alcove in the top left |
| ACTION RECIPE: Pete's Playground, Alcove in the top left (same alcove as |
| the previous chest - check every corner) |
| AERIAL SLAM: Pete's Playground, Alcove in the top right |
| BREAK TIME: Pete's Playground, Central alcove behind a grate |
| MOISTURE CRYSTAL: Pete's Playground, Central alcove above the grate (the |
| one near the top exit to the Race Venue) |
| In the corner straight ahead and to the left as you enter the Race Venue |
| area from where Chip and Dale are. The Prize Pots should appear after |
| clearing a group of four Blue Sea-Salts. |

Disney Town is primarily a hub of mini-games. In fact to complete the world,
all you need to do is wine one round of Fruit Scatter. Talk to Horace the cow
to get started. For more information on Fruit Scatter and the other mini-games
located here (Rumble Racing, Rhythmic Icecream, and the Icecream Shop), see the
mini-game section of the guide.

There are also a number of chests to pick up, quite apart from all the
mini-games. Their locations are very similar for each character, so if this is
not your first playthrough and if you remember what to do, feel free to skip
the rest of this section.

Most of these chests are hidden in the sewers. Go to Main Street and examine
the manhole cover to go down. In this area, you will see a giant machine with a
lightning bolt on it and a power gauge. You need to hit it a bunch with
Thunder-based attacks to charge it up. The charge will go back down over time
so you have to be fast, but the game gives you two Thunder spells in the same
room to help you out. You can also use the Thunderbolt Command Style.

Once the machine is going, you can get on an elevator to reach the upper
levels. Jump on the moving hands and gears to move around up here and pick up
all the chests (see the list at the start). If you are having trouble with the
jumping, don't worry about it too much. You can come back later with Air Slide,
and it will be easy. If you go south from the upper level, you will also find a
whole new area: Pete's Playground. Climb the stairs and get on the glove to
propel yourself out into a giant pinball machine! Propelling yourself up is a
little finicky: I think how far you go is based on when you press X. If you
look at Aqua, you will see a circular signal that keeps pulsing out from around
her. I found it helped to press X around the time this circle faded out. The
shaft doesn't have walls all the way up, so you can move yourself out to the
left if you get most of the way up.

Once in the pinball machine, you can bounce around and pick up lots of money.
Use L and R to hit the flippers and try to make it to the various alcoves to
pick up the chests. Be sure to get BOTH chests in the left alcove! There is
also a set of locked bars. To unlock them, you need to smash into each of the
four bumpers marked with a crown. Each time you hit one of these bumpers, a
light will go on near the bars, and eventually they will retract. Go wild and
have fun here! One of the alcoves in this area also leads to the rooftops of
the Race Venue area where you can find yet another treasure chest.

When you complete the world, you will get the TOWN BOARD. If you have already
finished the game with the other two characters, you will also see an extra
cutscene where you are given the Million Dream Award.

[WLK:A7] Aqua's Story: Olympus Coliseum

+--TREASURE CHESTS------------------------------------------------------------+
| FIRE STRIKE: Coliseum: Entrance, Northeast corner |
| CURA: Coliseum: Entrance, Nook just west of the north exit |
| MEGA-POTION: Coliseum: Entrance, Southwest corner |
| MAP: Coliseum: Lobby, East Side |
| In the southeast corner of the City of Thebes area. You have to clear the |
| world first though. |

Olympus Coliseum begins with a long but straightforward battle against some
Unversed. If you are having trouble here - especially if you aren't doing much
damage - consider gaining a couple levels and coming back. The Mirage Arena is
one very good place to do that. You will soon have to do some timed fights
here, and if you aren't doing much damage, they will be pretty tough.

Once the Unversed are taken care of, Phil will fast-talk you into entering the
Coliseum games. Talk with him in the Lobby to get started.

+--BOSS FIGHT: COLISEUM TOURNAMENT--------------------------------------------+
| Reward: HP BOOST |
| |
| You will have to clear ten groups of Unversed without a break, and with a |
| time limit during each round. Here is the exact list of what you are up |
| against: |
| |
| Round 1: 3 Scrappers (30 seconds) |
| Round 2: 1 Bruiser (15 seconds) |
| Round 3: 3 Chest Spiders (30 seconds) |
| Round 4: 3 Blue Sea-Salts, 3 Yellow Mustards, and 1 Axe Flapper |
| (40 seconds) |
| Round 5: 3 Razor Bunnies (15 seconds) |
| Round 6: 3 Mandrakes and 2 Axe Flappers (50 seconds) |
| Round 7: 3 Buckler Bruisers (50 seconds) |
| Round 8: 1 Chrono Twisters, 2 Red Hot Cherries, and 2 Blue Sea-Salts |
| (50 seconds) |
| Round 9: 6 Shoe Gazers (40 seconds) |
| Round 10: 30 Jellyfish (40 seconds) |
| |
| The best thing you can do is set up your command deck so that you have one |
| healing spell and a bunch of strong attack commands. Since Aqua specializes |
| in magic, thinks like Zero Gravity and Thunder are always good choices. If |
| you spam Battle Commands during the fights, you also switch Command Styles, |
| which helps a lot. Blade Charge in particular is amazing if you manage to |
| get to it. |
| |
| I found the toughest rounds to be 4, 5, and 10. In Round 4, there are just |
| a lot of enemies and they can be evasive. Ranged spells (like Fire) and |
| disable spells (like Zero Gravity) should help. Round 5 is remarkable only |
| for the short time limit. Throw defense to the wind and charge in, spamming |
| whatever area-of-effect spells you have. Finally, for round 10, the |
| Jellyfish are actually pretty dangerous. Keep at full health and use more |
| area-of-effect damage spells to wipe out several enemies at a time. |
| |
| Depending on your deck, you might also have trouble with Round 7 because of |
| the Buckler Bruisers' defenses. Use magic, try to hit them from behind, and |
| failing that, use a Shoot Lock. |
| |
| Good luck! |

After another cutscene, it is time to face Zack. If you have played Terra's
story already, you might be getting nervous, but don't worry: he's easier here
than either of Terra's fights against him.

+--BOSS FIGHT: ZACK-----------------------------------------------------------+
| |
| Zack can do a bunch of damage, but he is easy to dodge. Like the Vanitas |
| fight in Radiant Garden, he is also extremely vulnerable to Reflect and |
| Barrier Cracker. Here are the attacks he uses: |
| |
| Swing: Zack runs towards you, and then does a regular sword combo. You |
| should Reflect this with Square, counter with Barrier Cracker, and |
| then do a combo. |
| Light Bolt: Zack shoots a homing bolt towards you along the ground. You |
| can Reflect this or Cartwheel past it to Zack, and then do a |
| regular combo. |
| Jump: Zack jumps up into the air and lands with a shockwave. Unlike when |
| Terra fights Zack, this CAN be Reflected. So do that, and then |
| counter with Barrier Cracker and a combo. |
| Taunt: Zack will sometimes stop and taunt you. You have time for a free |
| combo here if you want. |
| |
| As with Vanitas, run up to Zack, wait for him to attack, and then use |
| Reflect + Barrier Cracker, followed by a combo. If you need to heal, back |
| off, dodge an attack with Cartwheel, and then do it. It's the same strategy |
| as the Vanitas fight, only easier. |

Talk to Phil again for the final Olympus Coliseum battle.

+--BOSS FIGHT: HADES AND THE ICE COLOSSUS-------------------------------------+
| |
| If you remember the Ice Titan from Kingdom Hearts 1, you might be a little |
| freaked out when you see your opponents here. Don't be fool by appearances |
| though: this is another easy fight. The Ice Colossus here isn't anywhere |
| near as powerful as the Ice Titan was from Kingdom Hearts 1. |
| |
| Unless you go after him, Hades will just watch, so you can focus on the Ice |
| Colossus first. If he is not facing you, the first thing the Ice Colossus |
| will do is slowly turn around until he is facing you. Every time he turns, |
| he will stomp with his feet, creating a shockwave. Once he is facing you, |
| he will do one of the following three attacks: |
| |
| 1. He will shoot a stream of ice pellets at you. You can evade this by |
| running to the side, but if you hold still, you will get hit no matter |
| where you area. The Ice Colossus will repeat this attack until you are |
| no longer in front of him. It is his most dangerous attack, so when he |
| does it, run behind him until he stops. |
| 2. He will lean forward and breathe frost in front of him. |
| 3. He will punch the ground in front of him, creating a shockwave. |
| |
| The only dangerous attack here is #1, and the Ice Colossus actually won't |
| do it if you are close. So here's the strategy. Run underneath but slightly |
| in front of him. He will stop stomping and then do attack #2 or #3. These |
| are both slow and both will miss you down there, so you can use this time |
| to hit his ankles with impunity. He will then start stomping again, so |
| repeat until dead. While he is stomping, you can either keep hitting him or |
| focus on evading the shockwaves, whichever you prefer. |
| |
| Once the Ice Colossus is down, Hades will actually start attacking. He |
| really only does two things: |
| |
| 1. Walk towards you and then do a melee attack. |
| 2. Shoot a fireball at you. |
| 3. Glow red, shoot flames out around him in a spinning attack, and then |
| slowly move towards you. Hades is invincible during this attack. |
| |
| The great thing is everything but attack #3 can be interrupted by damage. |
| So just walk up to Hades and keep hitting him. That's it! He will never |
| actually be able to recover and fight back... unless of course he does |
| attack #3. If you see him glow red, back off and stay out of range until he |
| is done. Then go back to hitting him until he glows red again, or dies. |
| Compared to some of the other bosses, it's a pretty easy pattern. |

For completing the world, you will also get the MARK OF THE HERO KEYBLADE and

[WLK:A8] Aqua's Story: Deep Space

+--TREASURE CHESTS------------------------------------------------------------+
| TELEPORT: Planet Turo: Containment Block, North component on the east wall |
| FINAL BREAK: Planet Turo: Containment Block, High north component on the |
| west wall |
| SPINNING CRYSTAL: Planet Turo: Containment Block, Low north compartment on |
| the west wall |
| MEGA-POTION: Planet Turo: Containment Block, South compartment on the east |
| wall |
| MAP: Planet Turo: Transfer Office, East end |
| HI-POTION: Spaceship: Transfer Office, Center |
| ETHER: Control Room, In the big central part |
| LETTER BALLOON: Control Room, South end |
| FIRE BLITZ: Link Block, Bottom level south end (gravity must be ON) |
| RAINBOW SHOWER: Link Block, Fourth level east end (gravity must be ON) |
| ZERO GRAVIRA: Raid Deck, High platform on the east side |
| SATIATED CRYSTAL: Raid Deck, Southeast corner (gravity must be ON) |
| MEGA-ETHER: Raid Deck, Northeast corner (gravity must be ON) |
| MEGA-ATTACK RECIPE: Engine Room Entrance, Southeast corner |
| At the south end of the Planet Turo: Containment Block area. |

Deep Space opens with a short battle against the Unversed. As always, if these
enemies seem too hard, don't forget that you can level up at the Mirage Arena.
Afterwards, the Grand Councilwoman will ask you to find Stich and Doctor Jumba
for her. When you are ready, move out along the one possible path, and you will
eventually reach the outer hull.

+--BOSS BATTLE: SPRING LOADS--------------------------------------------------+
| Reward: AIR SLIDE |
| |
| You will be on your Keyblade bike, which means you can't heal, but you |
| shouldn't need to. Fly around, spamming Triangle to attack. If you get near |
| one of the poles in the corners, you can also slingshot off it with O. As |
| long as you are constantly pushing Triangle though, you should be okay. |

Air Slide is one of the best movement abilities in the game, so be sure to
equip it! Now head back to the Spaceship: Transfer Office, and defeat enemies
until the room is clear. Once they are dead, you should be able to use the
machine in the center of the room to reach Planet Turo. In the next room here,
you will meet Stitch again and have another fight against the Unversed.

| Reward: HP BOOST |
| |
| There's nothing special here. If you have gotten this far, you shouldn't |
| have any trouble against more random Unversed, especially with Stitch's |
| help. |

After the fight is over, you will once again be taken back to the Control Room
to speak with the Grand Councilwoman. To proceed, take the southeast exit from
here. First though, you might want to head back to the Planet Turo: Containment
Block area. There are Prize Pots in the far south end, and there are also a
number of chests in the compartments, which you can get to using the various
elevators. Unless you have leveled up Air Slide, the easiest way to get onto
east-side platforms is to climb up on the west wall, go to the southwest
corner, and then to jump from there onto the far southeast platform.

By the way, I recommend NOT equipping Teleport when you get it. Like Ven's Turn
Slide, it will sometimes trigger when you mean to Reflect/Guard, and it is
really much worse. It is also kind of fun though, so it's up to you.

When you do head onwards from the Control Room, you will reach the Link Block.
This room is pretty much one big shaft, and you won't be able to climb up by
normal methods. Fortunately, there are a couple computer terminals, and if you
activate these, you can turn gravity off in the room. You will then be able to
jump really high and climb up to the exit. The only catch is one of the chests
here will float away while gravity is off, so you need to turn it back on
temporarily to pick up that chest.

After that, it is time for the world boss.

+--BOSS BATTLE: CAPTAIN GANTU-------------------------------------------------+
| |
| The bigger they are, the harder they fall! This might not be true for every |
| boss in every game, but it's certainly true for this guy. Here are the |
| attacks he will use: |
| |
| 1. Shoot at you five times with his ray gun, pausing between each shot. |
| You can Reflect this attack, but it is better to just run right at |
| Gantu and start attacking. He won't be able to hit you when you are |
| that close. After he is done shooting, Gantu will walk around for a |
| few seconds without attacking, giving you time to hit him even more or |
| to back off. |
| 2. Spin slowly in a circle, spraying everywhere with his ray gun. You can |
| stay safe with Reflect, or you can also run up and hit Gantu while he |
| is firing. Gantu will always follow this with attack #3, so be ready. |
| 3. Charge towards you at high speed. You can stay safe and counter with |
| Reflect, but Gantu often attacks again right after, so be careful. |
| 4. Swipe at you with his arms if you are nearby. This cannot be Reflected |
| and it has high range, so the best way to avoid getting hit is to not |
| be near Gantu unless you know he's busy doing other things. |
| |
| Sometimes, you will also see Stitch jumping up and down. Run over to him, |
| push Square and then Circle to throw him onto Gantu. This will distract |
| Gantu, and leave him vulnerable for a combo or two. |
| |
| If you can beat the enemies in Deep Space, this guy probably won't be too |
| hard no matter what you do. But if you want to play it smart, the trick is |
| to hit Gantu during attacks #1 and #2 or when he is stunned by Stitch. The |
| rest of the time, hang back and wait for him to make a move. He telegraphs |
| his attacks way in advance, so you shouldn't have trouble once you learn |
| how to deal with each one. |

For completing the world, you will get the HYPERDRIVE KEYBLADE, the EXPERIMENT
626 D-LINK, and the SPACESHIP BOARD. You can also get four more chests by
returning to Deep Space and going back to the Raid Deck. There is a high chest
on the east side that you need to turn gravity off to reach, and there is also
a door lower down on the east side leading to a chest in the Engine Room
Entrance. The gravity must be on to go through that door though.

[WLK:A9] Aqua's Story: Neverland (and Destiny Islands)

+--TREASURE CHESTS------------------------------------------------------------+
| FIRAGA BURST: Mermaid Creek, Northeast corner in a cave at water level |
| ELIXIR: Mermaid Creek, East end |
| HI-POTION: Coast, Northeast corner |
| ETHER: Coast, West end |
| HI-POTION: Jungle, Northeast corner |
| DETONATE SHIELD: Peter's Hideout, Southeast corner |
| ELIXIR: Peter's Hideout, Southeast corner |
| MAP: Valley, Northwest corner |
| MEGA-POTION: Valley, Northeast corner |
| CURE-ALL: Rainbow Falls: Base, West side in the middle of the river |
| TIME CRYSTAL: Rainbow Falls: Base, Northeast corner |
| TIME SPLICER: Rainbow Falls: Central, West side on the top route |
| THUNDAGA: Rainbow Falls: Central, West side on the bottom platform |
| CHAOS CRYSTAL: Rainbow Falls: Central, West side on the bottom platform |
| FIRAGA: Rainbow Falls: Central, East side on the top route |
| MEGA-ETHER: Rainbow Falls: Peak, Northwest corner |
| At the northern end of the Village area. They only appear after you have |
| cleared the world. |

Neverland, as seen by Aqua, is unique among all major Birth by Sleep worlds in
that you do not need to kill a single Unversed to complete it. Pretty cool,

You begin in the Village area with a treasure map. Head north to the Jungle and
be sure to enter Peter's Hideout (the big tree in the middle) to get a couple
chests. Next is the Mermaid Creek. There is an easy-to-forget chest here in a
cave in the northeast corner. Jump into the water to get to it. Once you are
ready, go out to the south and keep going until Peter asks you and the lost
boys to climb up the mountain. He will make a bunch of booster orbs appear, and
you will be jump into these to get boosted into the air. Follow them up to the
Rainbow Falls: Central area.

This place is more interesting. You can fall off at any point, in which case
you'll end up back at the start. Your eventual goal is an exit on the west
side, and there are two routes to get there. You can either keep going straight
forward (the bottom route), or before you reach the first booster orb, you can
loop around back to find another booster orb behind you (the top route). There
are a couple chests available only via the top route, so I recommend that way.
Eventually the route will end with seemingly nowhere to go. Just drop off the
platform you are on, and you should end up on a low platform on the west side
with a couple chests. If you miss the jump, that's okay! Take the bottom route,
and you will be able to see this lower platform and jump to it.

From here, climb up, jump and Air Slide to the west and you will reach the end.
The final part requires you to jump and then hit three booster orbs in
succession without landing. It can be a little tricky, but you can try as much
as you want, so you should be able to get it eventually. Keep going from here,
and you will reach... the place you started! Stupid Peter. At least you get the
cool DOUBLE FLIGHT ability for all your work.

When you are ready, head west to the Village to meet an old "friend". Before
doing this though, make sure you pick up the chests in the Land of Departure!
You will not be able to go back there anymore. (The reason for this will become
clear once you do Terra's story, if you have done it already.)

+--BOSS FIGHT: VANITAS ROUND 2------------------------------------------------+
| |
| Vanitas is back and has decided he no longer needs you around as a Plan B, |
| which means battle time! He has higher stats now so you probably want to be |
| over level 20 to actually be able to do damage, but his fighting style has |
| not changed too much. See the description in [WLK:A5] if you want a |
| refresher course on how the Vanitas fight works. |
| |
| The main wrinkle this time around is Vanitas will now sometimes jump into |
| the air and then burrow into the ground. He will follow you around and then |
| emerge with an explosion once he gets close enough. He might also repeat |
| this attack a few times in a row. To avoid it, I like to do a Cartwheel |
| right over Vanitas as he follows you underground. This way, you will be |
| invincible when he emerges. I think this only works with regular Cartwheel |
| though - not Fire Wheel. You can also just run away, but that's slower. |
| |
| After doing this submergeattack, Vanitas will also be powered up for a |
| while, which means his standard two-hit will shoot out a heat-seeking sonic |
| blast at the end. The sonic blast doesn't hurt too much, but it can be a |
| nuisance if you didn't manage to interrupt his combo with Reflect. |
| |
| For the most part, you want to fight Vanitas here the same way you did in |
| Radiant Garden, which means stay close, block his attacks with Reflect, and |
| then counter with Barrier Cracker and maybe some regular attacks as well. |
| Barrier Cracker is the safest option, but using other attacks can let you |
| switch command styles, which is always nice. If Vanitas jumps up in the air |
| while this is happening, back off. He is probably doing the new burrowing |
| attack, and Reflect won't help against that. |
| |
| Otherwise, this fight is pretty much the same as before. Good luck! |

For completing the world, you will get the PETER PAN D-LINK and the PIXIE CHARM
KEYBLADE. You will then get an amusing cutscene on Destiny Islands where Aqua
meets Sora and Riku from the main Kingdom Hearts series. There you will get the

[WLK:A10] Aqua's Story: Mysterious Tower

+--TREASURE CHESTS------------------------------------------------------------+
| MAGNEGA: Mysterious Tower, Furthest point from the entrance |
| SPARKLING CRYSTAL: Mysterious Tower, Left of the entrance |
| MEGALIXIR: Mysterious Tower, Right of the entrance |
| MEGA-MAGIC RECIPE: Tower: Entrance, Behind the stairs |

Not much to do here. Pick up the chests and then head up the stairs to meet
Master Yen Sid. Afterwards, you will get the DONALD D-LINK, the GOOFY D-LINK,

[WLK:A11] Aqua's Story: Keyblade Graveyard

+--TREASURE CHESTS------------------------------------------------------------+
| ELIXIR: Battlefield, Northeast corner |
| MEGA-POTION: Battlefield, Southeast corner |
| MAP: Battlefield, Halfway up the path |
| AEROGA: Sandstorm Road, Just west of the central pillar |
| MEGA-ETHER: Sandstorm Road, Just north of the central pillar |
| MEGA-POTION: Sandstorm Road, Northeast corner |
| MEGALIXIR: Sandstorm Road, Northwest corner |

Welcome to the final world in Aqua's story! The first area is deserted except
for some chests, but the second is pretty nasty (although if you have finished
another character's story already, you should know what's coming). There will
be a number of whirlwinds flying around here. If you get close, the whirlwind
will chase after you and swallow you up, forcing you into a fight against
Unversed. The good news is the whirlwinds will not return until you leave the
world (even if you save and load). Here are the three different fights you
might get in each whirlwind.

Fight #1: Part 1: 1 Bruiser, 2 Scrappers, and 2 Blue Sea-Salts
--------- Part 2: 4 Razor Bunnies
Part 3: 3 Buckler Bruisers
This is the easiest of the three fights. Against the Buckler Bruisers, you
can use a Shoot Lock, or you can run up behind them and hit them once. They
will probably turn around and jump at you. Reflect and counter-attack for a
bunch of damage. Repeat.

Fight #2: Part 1: 4 Red Hot Cherries
--------- Part 2: 2 Illimitable Tanks and 2 Sonic Blasters
Part 3: 1 Face Pile and 4 Mandrakes
The last part of this fight is really nasty if you don't know what to do.
The Mandrakes will constantly be shooting at you, and it will be very
difficult to fight. The trick is to just Air Slide around, getting close to
each Mandrake. This will cause the Mandrake to pull itself outside of the
ground, and from then on, it won't be able to shoot at you.

Fight #3: Part 1: 3 giant Floods
--------- Part 2: 1 giant Chrono Twister and 3 giant Yellow Mustards
Part 3: 1 giant Medicine Bottle and 4 giant Shoe Gazers
The size of the enemies is what makes this fight hard. For the second part,
stay back if any of the Yellow Mustards are glowing white. You probably
will not be able to get past their attack. For the third part, you can tell
if a Shoe Gazer is attacking if it compresses as it hits the ground. If
it's just bouncing up and down without changing appearance, you can attack
safely. With four of these guys though, you may want to just use a Shoot

Obviously, you will want to have a healing spell in your Command Deck for these
fights unless you are super high level and super confident. If you are having
trouble, you can always level up in the Mirage Arena and come back later. By
the way, remember this spot. It is the best place in the game to earn CP and to
level up commands.

After getting through the Sandstorm Road, you will come to a save point. Use
it! This is the final save point in the game. When you are ready, head onwards.
If you are feeling nervous about the final boss for Aqua, you might want to
consider first creating Combo Life, Last Life, and Reflect Barrier for yourself
(see the Command Charge section). These will help a lot. Also, make sure you
have Cartwheel (not Fire Wheel) equipped. Cartwheel has much longer
invincibility times than Fire Wheel.

Anyway, after a non-pre-rendered (boo) recreation of the BBS teaser trailers
from KH2 and KH2FM+, it will be time for a sequence of boss fights:

+--BOSS FIGHT: BRAIG----------------------------------------------------------+
| Reward: HP BOOST |
| |
| In my opinion, Braig is by far the hardest of the story-mode penultimate |
| bosses, so get ready. Braig moves fast, has a complicated pattern, and does |
| not leave you many openings to attack. The good news is there is very |
| little randomness, so once you learn what he's doing, the fight becomes a |
| lot easier. |
| |
| Braig will always cycle through the following attacks in order: |
| |
| 1. Braig teleports directly in front of you and charges at you while also |
| shooting lasers in a cone ahead of him. You can Reflect the lasers but |
| not the charge itself, and Braig will repeat this a bunch of times or |
| until you hit him. What you want to do is target Braig with L+R before |
| he disappears, and then as soon as he reappears in front of you, |
| attack him. The timing is delicate but you take no damage and get a |
| free combo if you do it right. |
| |
| If you are having trouble with the timing, you can Reflect which will |
| get you hit but at least force Braig to switch attacks. You can also |
| try to Cartwheel out of the way and then hit him in the back. |
| Attacking as soon as he appears is best though. |
| |
| 2. Braig can do one of two things here: |
| - He can teleport somewhere on the ground, and shoot a volley of |
| lasers at you. Use Reflect to stay safe. If you get the Reflect |
| off, Braig will usually stop after a single volley. He will then |
| start attack #3 very soon, so just wait. Trying to do a full combo |
| will just get you hit. |
| - He can fly up in the air and shoot a volley of lasers at you from |
| there. This is similar to the previous option, and you should |
| still use Reflect to block the volleys, but there are two main |
| differences. First, Braig will usually do several volleys, and |
| second, after he lands, it takes a little longer for him to start |
| doing attack #3. If you are fast, you should be able to get off a |
| full combo. |
| |
| 3. Braig teleports twice in quick succession, and then runs around you, |
| shooting lasers towards the center. Use Reflect to block them all. You |
| want to know this attack is coming before it happens, so you have time |
| to react. You also want to not be right up against the edge of the |
| map, or Braig might run into you during the attack. |
| |
| 4. After attack #3, Braig will immediately begin charging up a powerful |
| dark shot. This takes a while though, and you can hit him safely while |
| he does it. So as soon as attack #3 is done, just run up to Braig and |
| swing away. I recommend dodging the attack by jumping right next to |
| him, or by using a finisher move. Cartwheel is a little tricky. |
| |
| 5. This is the same as attack #2, except Braig will do whichever version |
| he did not do before. So if he was in the air last time, he will be on |
| the ground this time. |
| |
| 6. This is the same as attack #3. You only have time for a single combo |
| afterward though. |
| |
| 7. Braig quickly powers up, and then shoots a bunch of lasers randomly |
| around the area. Reflect and Barrier Cracker work well here. After |
| doing that, Braig teleports around like a spaz before settling in the |
| air in the middle of the arena. We will then shoot dark lasers all |
| around. Avoid them by just running around the edge of the arena. As |
| long as you don't stop, you should be fine. Watch out though: the |
| lasers stay on the ground for a while and hurt you if you get close. |
| |
| After all that, Braig will repeat from attack #1 until dead. So as you can |
| see, the pattern is complicated but it is also pretty deterministic. Learn |
| what he's doing and how to counter each attack, and then you should be |
| fine. Good luck! |

+--BOSS FIGHT: VANITAS ROUND 3------------------------------------------------+
| Reward: NONE |
| |
| Aqua's story ends with another "Vanitas" fight. He has the X-blade now and |
| is stronger than before, but the basic tactics should be pretty familiar. |
| One new wrinkle (unless you have already played Ven's story) is that you |
| will have Mickey by your side. The bad news is Mickey will often trigger a |
| Vanitas counter-attack (attack #2 below) and get you hit if you aren't |
| careful. The good news is Mickey will also sometimes charge up an aura |
| attack. Go next to him and press Square when the option presents itself to |
| do some easy damage. |
| |
| Vanitas will use the following attacks during this fight: |
| |
| 1. Two-hit combo. This is the same as before except there is always sonic |
| blast, and it lasts longer than before. Counter with Reflect + Barrier |
| Breaker. |
| |
| 2. Diving counter-attack. This is the same as before. Avoid using regular |
| combos if you are low health, and if you see the attack coming, use |
| Reflect + Barrier Breaker. |
| |
| 3. Jump and lightning spray. This is the same as before. Keep moving and |
| use Cartwheel to avoid it. |
| |
| 4. Fly around on the ground, stabbing anything in his path. This attack |
| replaces Vanitas's traditional fireball and will only be used at long |
| range. Use Reflect + Barrier Breaker here as well. The attack is very |
| fast so you might get hit before you are ready, but keep trying to |
| Reflect. You should still have time to get it off. |
| |
| 5. Submerge into the ground, chase you around, and reemerge with a |
| fireball spray. This is pretty much the same as before. If you have |
| regular Cartwheel equipped, I recommend Cartwheeling directly over |
| Vanitas while he is underground. Otherwise, run away. |
| |
| 6. The most exciting attack is Vanitas will sometimes yell and teleport |
| to the middle of the arena to charge up. He will then jump up and land |
| with a huge explosion along the ground. The best thing to do here is |
| to use a Shoot Lock. You will have lots of time to charge it up, it |
| will do a ton of damage, and it will keep you safe. If Mickey lets you |
| do an aura attack, that's good too. Otherwise, the best way to avoid |
| this attack is to back off, and then do a Cartwheel as the X reachs |
| you along the ground. The whole stage gets hit pretty much, but the |
| Cartwheel will make you invincible at the right time. |
| |
| The basic strategy as always is to stay near Vanitas and hammer him with |
| Reflect + Barrier Breaker. Just be ready to run if you ever see him jump up |
| into the air for attack #5. Whenever Vanitas does attack #6, use a Shoot |
| Lock, and otherwise, this is just a faster version of Vanitas Round 2. |
| |
| As always, one nasty bit against Vanitas is there is not much time to heal. |
| Unless you have Leaf Bracer, you should always dodge an attack first, and |
| THEN heal. Right after attack #5 is a perfect time. If you have Restore |
| Barrier, that will help a lot. |

Congratulations! If you got this far, you will be rewarded with XEHANORT'S
REPORT #7 and the end of Aqua's story. The ending doesn't resolve much, but
don't worry: there's time for that later.

To begin the next character's story, create a new game or load a save in the
prologue, and select a different character. When you start your new game, don't
forget to set the Configure options, especially 333MHz speed if you want the
game to be as smooth as possible.

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