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| |
| Author: David Arthur |
| Version: 0.70 (March 2010) |


Let me start off by admitting that this guide is still a work in progress. Some
sections are incomplete, and others could use some editing. But there aren't
any other guides out there right now, so I figured my incomplete walkthrough is
better than nothing. I hope you feel the same way! I am working on it as fast
as I can, but it probably won't be done for another few weeks.

The other piece of bad news is that this is NOT a translation guide. Assuming
you are playing the Japanese version, here are some resources you might find

- The translation compendiums on the GameFAQs message board:

- Menu translations:

- Ability translations:

- Subtitled cutscenes:
Prologue + Terra's story:
Ven's Story:
Aqua's Story:
Last Episode and a few other miscellaneous videos:

- popiah01's translation guide:

- Google translator:
Go here and enter the following address to get a Japanese wiki:

A little overwhelming? Well, here's the good news: Birth by Sleep is an amazing
game. If you have any interested in Kingdom Hearts at all, you will love it1

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| |/ /| |_| | =================================================== | |/ /| |_| |
| / | _ | SECTION 1 [WLK:P] | / | _ |
| \ \ | | | | WALKTHROUGH: PROLOGUE | \ \ | | | |
|_|\_\|_| |_| =================================================== |_|\_\|_| |_|


WARNING: Which difficulty you play on greatly impacts how much you have to do
-------- to get to the Last Episode, which is where you fight the true final
boss and see the true ending. On the easy difficulty, it is not even
possible! On normal, it is possible but you have to do a lot of work.
On proud, you don't have to do much more than complete the three
characters' main stories. So consider this carefully when you choose
what difficulty level to play on.

+--TREASURE CHESTS------------------------------------------------------------+
| SLIDE DASH: Trail, on a ledge |

Like most Kingdom Hearts games, this one starts off with a short tutorial built
into the story. You control Ven as he runs outside to watch shooting stars.

In the first area, you are introduced to jumping (press X) and moving (use the
analog stick). You can also rotate the camera with L and R. When you are ready,
move forward to the Trail area.


Here you will need to use some basic combat. First do a three-hit combo on
the nearby circle ornament (press O). If you did it right, some HP balls will
fall out and you will be directed to the next set of ornaments. For these, you
will need to use a Battle Command. Select a command you like in the bottom-left
menu (use the up and down buttons) and press Triangle to use it. Commands allow
you to do advanced attacks, but there is a cooldown period between when you use
a command and when you can use it again. After hitting an ornament with a
Battle Command, they will all start to spin. Target one with the L+R buttons to
complete this part of the tutorial.

A chest will now appear on the ledge halfway up the Trail. Go up to it and open
it with O to get the SLIDE DASH Battle Command. If you want, you can go into
the Menu (press Start) and replace one of your current Battle Commands with
Slide Dash, but you don't really need to worry about the menu yet if you don't
want to. Once you are ready, head onwards to the Summit area.


After a cutscene here, you will be given the FRIENDSHIP CHARM by Aqua.

You will now have to go through some more basic battle training using all three
main characters. First you control Terra. Press Square while holding still to
guard an attack by Ven. Next you need to hit him with a finisher move. Keep
attacking normally until your Command Bar is filled up. Then attacking again
will cause you to use a powerful finisher move. Hit Ven with this to continue.

You're not done yet though! With Aqua, press and hold L+R to use a Shoot Lock
ability against Ven. Keep the screen focused on him to queue up a lot of
attacks, and then press O to unleash. Shoot Locks are limit attacks that do a
lot of damage and make you invincible while they are going off, but the catch
is you are vulnerable while queuing up targets.

Okay, you are now almost done the tutorial! All that's left is for you to have
a proper battle with one of the main characters against another. So choose
anyone you want, and have fun. It doesn't matter if you win or lose - this is
just for practice. After you are done with sparring, head over to the nearby
save point and save the game. Congratulations, you have completed the tutorial!

Character Selection:

You will now have to choose one of the three characters to focus on. There is a
separate story for each character, and you will have to create a separate save
game for each. You can do the stories in whatever order you want (or even do
some at the same time, although I don't recommend that really), but this guide
will be written in the order Terra->Ven->Aqua, which is what Square-Enix
recommends for story purposes.

_ __ _ _ _ __ _ _
| |/ /| |_| | =================================================== | |/ /| |_| |
| / | _ | SECTION 2 [WLK:T] | / | _ |
| \ \ | | | | WALKTHROUGH: TERRA'S STORY | \ \ | | | |
|_|\_\|_| |_| =================================================== |_|\_\|_| |_|


[WLK:T0] Terra's Story: Land of Departure

The main story begins with Terra and Aqua attempting the test to become
Keyblade masters. Right away, there is a problem though:

+-BOSS FIGHT: BERSERK ORBS----------------------------------------------------+
| |
| These guys have two attacks: |
| |
| Attack 1: Fly back and forth damaging you if you are close. This does not |
| do much damage. |
| Attack 2: Slowly sweep lasers across the room. |
| |
| The main trick for this fight is to use fast attacks because the orbs move |
| around so much. This means basic O attacks are usually better than Battle |
| Commands. If an orb uses the laser attack, evade it as best you can and |
| then hit the orb to make it stop. |

The main reward for this battle is the Fatal Mode Command Style. After filling
up your Command Bar with at least one or two uses of a battle command, you will
now switch styles instead of using your basic finisher move. As the game goes
on, you will find other finisher moves and other command styles as well. Which
basic finisher move you use is chosen in the menu, but which command style you
get is determined by which kinds of battle commands you use.

Once the battle is over, there will be another cutscene and then off you go! As
an additional reward for clearing the Land of Departure, you will begin with
the KEYBLADE BOARD, which you can try out any time you would like. (See the
Command Board section [MIN:CB] for more information.) You will also get the VEN
and AQUA D-LINKS. Using these will temporarily change your battle commands and
finisher move. D-Links can be pretty strong, especially at the beginning of the
game, so don't forget to use them!

[WLK:T1] Terra's Story: Enchanted Dominion

When Terra's story begins, you will be in space on your Keyblade bike. Only one
world will be accessible so head over there. It is the Enchanted Dominion.
So... welcome to your first world!

For each world, I will always list up-front where you can find all the treasure
chests and the Prize Pots (see below) in that world. I will generally use
compass directions to say exactly where each chests is. I know this isn't too
helpful at first, but once you get the map for the world, you should be able to
use the compass directions no problem.

Now, on to Prize Pots. These guys are rare "enemies" that fly around without
attacking. Every time you hit one of them, it will drop an icecream ingredient.
Which ingredients you get depends on which world you are in. Once you reach
Disney Town, you will be able to synthesize a few bonuses, including a new
Keyblade, with these ingredients. See the Icrecream Shop section [COL:IS] if
you want the details. In the meantime, try to find the Prize Pots for each
world before moving on!

Note: In most worlds, the Prize Pots only show up sometimes. If you do not see
them, leave the area and come back until them. However, once you see them once
in a world, they will not reappear until you leave the entire world.

+--TREASURE CHESTS------------------------------------------------------------+
| POTION: Forest: Lakeside, South end |
| POWER CRYSTAL: Forest: Lakeside, West side (halfway through the room) |
| BLIZZARD: Forest: Square, East end |
| ZERO GRAVITY: Audience Chamber, Northwest corner |
| ETHER: Audience Chamber, West side by the stairs |
| POTION: Audience Chamber, Southeast corner |
| ETHER: Corridor, Northeast corner |
| MAP: Aurora's Room, Southeast corner |
| SLEEP: Attic, Southwest corner |
| ATTACK RECIPE: Attic, North end |
| At the north end of the Forest: Lakeside area, after you have cleared the |
| world. If they do not appear right away, leave the area and come back. |

Once you land in the Enchanted Dominion, you will immediately enter a forced
battle against the Unversed. If Terra is your first character, you might find
this a little challenging right off the bat. There are three things you should
be using regularly to give yourself an edge:

- Shoot Lock. Press L+R. You are vulnerable when charging but other than
that, Shoot Locks are the strongest and safest attacks in the game.
- D-Link, especially with Aqua so that you can use her Cure ability. Press
right on the directional pad to switch to the D-Link menu.
- Fatal Mode and/or a finisher move. These are activated whenever your
command bar fills up. Which one you get depends on whether you have been
using battle commands or just attacking.

You can only use Shoot Lock when your Focus Bar is full, and you can only use
D-Links when your D-Link bar is full, but don't worry: they fill up fast. Also,
you want to level up your D-Links, and you can only do that by using them!

For the rest of the world, you will be able to pick and choose your fights. I
recommend being thorough though, both in terms of picking up chests (see the
list I gave above) and killing enemies. The first boss is nasty, and it will
help if you have gained a few levels. Begin by following the Unversed to the
Bridge where you will meet Maleficent. From there, enter the castle and climb
up to Aurora's Room. After a cutscene, you will be given the MALEFICENT D-LINK.
Get the chests here and in the attic, and then head back to the Audience
Chamber to meet Terra's first real boss!

+--BOSS FIGHT: WHEEL MASTER---------------------------------------------------+
| |
| It's the evil spinning wheel of doom! He's also pretty hard, so get ready. |
| It would be a good idea to have some sort of healing available. You can buy |
| Cure from the Moogle Shop, you can equip a Potion, or you can max your |
| D-Link bar so that you can use Aqua. |
| |
| The Wheel Master starts with the following attacks: |
| |
| Attack 1: Jump into the air and land with a shockwave. You can avoid this |
| by being in the air or by being far away. |
| Attack 2: Take a long windup and then throw his wheel at you. Slide is a |
| good way to avoid this. Afterwards, the wheel will just lie on |
| the ground, and the Wheel Master won't be able to attack you |
| with anything other than the jump until he picks it up again. |
| Use this opportunity to hit him back! |
| Attack 3: Charge up his grapple hand, and then shoot a beam at you. If it |
| hits you, mash O to break free. In the meantime, you will take |
| damage and be sucked in. Use Guard to avoid this, or just stay |
| far away. |
| Attack 4: Swing his arms in a circle, hitting you if you are close. Just |
| stay out of range. |
| |
| During this phase, you can either go in for quick jump attacks after each |
| jump by the Wheel Master, backing off if he attacks, or you can be patient |
| and wait for him to throw his wheel before going in. At some point, he will |
| fall over and drop HP balls. Keep hitting him! |
| |
| Eventually, the Wheel Master will get mad, glowing purple and damaging you |
| if you are nearby. He will then start regularly charging towards you. This |
| is fast and very painful, so you will want to Guard it. Just remember that |
| Guard doesn't last forever, so if the Wheel Master charges past you, let go |
| of Guard, and then press it again when he comes back. Otherwise, this part |
| is similar to the rest of the fight. |
| |
| If you are having trouble, remember to set yourself up so you can heal. And |
| also be sure to use Shoot Locks and Fatal Mode where possible. Good luck! |
| |
| By the way, you can destroy the wheel and the spindle separately from the |
| boss, but I don't recommend going out of your way to do so. |

As a reward, you will get a Deck Command Slot, which lets you equip another
battle command, and the Diamond Dust Command Style, which is an alternative to
Fatal Mode activated by using lots of cold attacks. You will also get the

Before moving onto the next world, you might want to briefly return to the
Forest: Lakeside area to try your hand at the Prize Pots.

[WLK:TI] Terra's Story: Interlude

With the Enchanted Dominion clear, you will now have a choice of where to go
next. The map points out two major story worlds that you can go to: the Castle
of Dreams and the Dwarf Woodlands.

Here are some other things you can do at any point.
- Go back to the Land of Departure and pick up the four chests that are
- Go to the Mirage Arena (the far left world) and try entering a tournament.
Most likely you will lose, but it's still fun.
- Play a round on the Command Board (see [MIN:CB]). This optional mini-game
gives you a few abilities that you cannot get in other ways, and it also
helps level up whatever abilities you already have.

[WLK:T2] Terra's Story: Land of Departure

+--TREASURE CHESTS------------------------------------------------------------+
| POWER CRYSTAL: Trail, Near the top exit |
| HI-POTION: Trail, Near the top exit |
| STOP: Trail, Near the bottom exit |
| MOISTURE CRYSTAL: Summit, Near the flags |

The only thing to do here is pick up the chests in areas you explored during
the prologue. Be sure to actually do this though. Late in the game, these
chests will become impossible to get, and then you won't be able to get 100%
completion in the journal.

[WLK:T3] Terra's Story: Castle of Dreams

+--TREASURE CHESTS------------------------------------------------------------+
| THUNDERSTORM: House, Southeast corner |
| POWER CYSTAL: Plaza, Northeast corner next to the stairs |
| PERVADING CRYSTAL: Plaza, Northwest corner past the stairs |
| SLOW: Plaza, Southeast corner |
| MAP: Plaza, West side |
| TIME CRYSTAL: Great Hall, East balcony (come through the Waiting Room) |
| STRIKE RAID: Grand Staircase, West side |
| POTION: Grand Staircase, Under the balcony just east of the stairs |
| HI-POTION: Grand Staircase, Northwest corner |
| MOISTURE CRYSTAL: Grand Staircase, Southeast corner of the top balcony |
| THUNDER: Waiting Room, Southeast corner |
| In the middle of the pool in the Plaza area, after clearing a group of |
| Red-Hot Cherries. If more Red-Hot Cherries appear instead of the Prize |
| Pots, leave the area and come back. |

Like the Enchanted Dominion, this world begins with a mandatory battle against
the Unversed. Once that is taken care of, head north towards the Plaza, and go
meet Cinderella by the large staircase.

+--BOSS FIGHT: CINDERELLA ESCORT----------------------------------------------+
| |
| You have to escort Cinderella through two large rooms that are swarming |
| with Unversed, and just when you start to get things under control, she is |
| going to run on ahead and get attacked more. Good luck! |
| |
| The main threat here is to Cinderella, not to you, so make sure all your |
| Battle Commands are offensive in nature. In particular, disabling abilities |
| like Sleep and Slow are good to give you some time in difficult fights. |
| Cold abilities are also good because using them will activate the extremely |
| powerful Diamond Dust command style. (I used Blizzard Blade, which can be |
| charged from Aerial Break and Blizzard.) |
| |
| While the escort is going on, you will sometimes get the option to press |
| Square to Guard Cinderella from an attack. This is almost always good to do |
| if you get the chance, but I don't think you can rely on it completely. |
| Attacks will eventually come too fast and not give you a chance to counter. |
| The key is to be aggressive, using strong Battle Commands early and often, |
| and hopefully spending a lot of your time in Diamond Dust form. If you ever |
| clear all visible enemies, IMMEDIATELY run ahead of Cinderella until more |
| enemies appear. If you can get them to attack you instead of her, that is a |
| big help. |
| |
| If you are having trouble, you can always take a break to level up or to |
| charge stronger Battle Commands. |

Your reward for the escort is the extremely useful Revenge Stamp ability. Be
sure to equip this. (It goes in the right section under Guard.) Now, any time
you successfully Guard an attack, you will be able to follow it with a strong
area-of-effect counter-attack.

With Cinderella safely dancing away, pick up the chests in the Grand Staircase
area and head east to the Waiting Room. There is another boss fight in the next
room, so if you do not already have Cure, now is a good time to pick it up.

+--BOSS FIGHT: SYMPHONY MASTER------------------------------------------------+
| |
| This guy is actually pretty easy. For the most part, he will float around |
| slowly and get his three instruments to periodically attack you. If all of |
| them come out and surround you, this is the dangerous attack. Use Guard to |
| protect yourself when they charge. If a single instrument comes out, just |
| start attacking it. By positioning yourself right, you should be able to |
| knock it away from the Symphony Master and then kill it or almost kill it |
| before it returns. Occasionally, the Symphony Master will attack directly |
| with a spray of lasers but these are usually very easy to dodge. |
| |
| I like to patiently wait for the instruments to come out, kill them one at |
| a time, and then when there's only one instrument left, run in and kill it. |
| You can be more aggressive if you like, but you will almost certainly take |
| some damage if you run in while the instruments are all there. |
| |
| If you kill all the instruments, then the Symphony Master will gain two new |
| attacks. First, he can jump and land with a shockwave. Second, he can throw |
| his conductor's baton like a boomerang. Neither attack is a major threat. |
| Just keep pounding away until he dies, healing if necessary. As with the |
| Wheel Master, this guy will glow purple after taking a certain amount of |
| damage. Back off for a bit while this happens, or you will get hit. |

When the fight is over, you will also get the CRYSTAL WORKS KEYBLADE, the
CINDERELLA D-LINK, and access to the ROYAL BOARD. You might also want to return
to the world quickly and go back to the room where you fought the Symphony
Master (via the Waiting Room) to pick up the final chest.

[WLK:T4] Terra's Story: Dwarf Woodlands

+--TREASURE CHESTS------------------------------------------------------------+
| HI-POTION: Underground Hall, South side just west of the central platform |
| ETHER: Underground Hall, South side near the east exit |
| POTION: Underground Hall, North side on the ledge |
| FLAME BURST: Underground Hall, South side on the central platform |
| POTION: Underground Waterway, Southeast corner (past the first locked |
| grate) |
| GUARD RECIPE: Underground Waterway, West side (past the second locked |
grate) |
| POISON BLADE: Underground Waterway, Northwest corner (past the third locked |
| grate) |
| FIRE: Underground Waterway, Northwest corner (past the third locked gate) |
| CRACKER FIRAGA: Courtyard, Northwest corner on a platform (need Air Slide) |
| POTION: Courtyard, Northeast corner |
| MAP: Courtyard, Northwest corner on the ground |
| MOISTURE CRYSTAL: Courtyard, Northwest corner on the stairs |
| SATIATED CRYSTAL: Flower Meadow, Northwest corner |
| On the ledge with the chests in the northeast corner of the Underground |
| Waterway area, past the third locked gate. Once you have High Jump, you |
| can get there directly from the north exit. If you see Red-Hot Cherries |
| instead of Prize Pots, you may have to leave the entire world before they |
| will have another chance to appear. |

This world begins with the queen asking Terra to more-or-less kill Snow White.
Even after seeing the Aurora episode, you don't think Terra would do something
like that on purpose, do you? Only one way to find out!

The first room you go into is called the Underground Hall. There are some jugs
here that are constantly changing color. If you hit them while they are green,
they will recharge your health; if you hit them while they are blue, they will
recharge your D-Link bar; and if you hit them while they are red, they will
explode, damaging both you and the enemies! Plan accordingly. There are also
some nasty Unversed that disguise themselves as treasure chests!

To advance, you will have to walk up to the steam jet some ways to the right of
the entrance. This will propel you up to the north platform and the exit. There
is another steam jet that will propel you up to the central platform, but it is
inactive for now.

The next room has a couple looms. If you hit one of these, it will open up one
of the grates for a short time which you can then run through. The first loom
opens the route to the second loom, and the second loom opens TWO grates (the
second grate is in the room behind the first grate). You will have to hurry to
get all the way through, but you can try as many times as you want. If you get
through everything, you will get several nice treasures, including the Fire
spell, and you will also find the world's Prize Pots. With this, you can now go
back to the Underground Hall and cast Fire on the engine next to the inactive
steam jet. This will activate the steam jet and let you get up to the central

Once outside, you can pick up the map and then head out to meet Snow White.

+--BOSS FIGHT: UNVERSED NEAR SNOW WHITE---------------------------------------+
| Reward: AIR SLIDE |
| |
| There are a lot of enemies here, but they aren't unusually powerful. If you |
| are having trouble, make sure you equip a Cure spell of some kind in your |
| Command Deck, and also a couple strong attack moves. |

Be sure to equip the Air Slide ability. It allows you to dash forward while in
the air by pushing Square. If you are patient, you can use this to pick up the
final treasure chest in the Courtyard. Go to the top of the stairs, jump and
Air Slide around the corner to get onto the wall. Then jump onto the top of the
archway, and finally jump and Air Slide across to the platform in the northwest
corner. If you are having trouble, you can always come back later when you have
High Jump and a higher level Air Slide.

Once you are ready, head back to the queen and the boss fight for the world.

+--BOSS FIGHT: MAGIC MIRROR---------------------------------------------------+
| |
| This is a rather atmospheric fight inside the heart of the magic mirror. |
| You will have to deal with the following attacks: |
| |
| Attack 1: The mirror flies towards you, either directly or in a zigzag |
| pattern. Use Guard to avoid taking damage. |
| Attack 2: The mirror flies overhead shooting fireballs towards you. Use |
| Slide to avoid the fireballs. Guard is hard to use because the |
| fireballs might come at you from behind. |
| Attack 3: Huge rows of mirrors appear on either side of you, and they all |
| spit out fireballs. Just run (don't Slide) directly forwards |
| along the line to avoid all projectiles. |
| Attack 4: Copies of the mirror appear and start spinning around you, |
| eventually shooting out a salvo of fireballs. Use Slide to avoid |
| this. After dodging one salvo, you will be able to attack back. |
| Look for the mirror that is smiling (also the only mirror that |
| you can target with L+R), and run up to hit it after the mirrors |
| stop to attack the SECOND time. If you try to attack the first |
| time, you will just get hit. |
| |
| If the mirror is not doing any of these attacks, it is safe to go on the |
| offensive. If you're lucky, you'll stun it and knock it to the ground. Once |
| the mirror starts doing something though, avoid it as explained above. |
| There is no reason to take any damage if you are careful. |
| |
| One annoyance is the game sometimes lags during attack #3. This is the main |
| reason why it is better to walk than to Slide. You might want to switch to |
| 333 MHz in the options menu to minimize this lag. |
| |
| Note: If you have done Aqua's story already, this fight is almost but not |
| completely identical to her version. Attack #2 replaces the ice bolt |
| attack here. Also, you should use Slide instead of Guard/Reflect for |
| dodging attack #4. Everything else is the same. |

You will also get the ROCK SPLENDOR KEYBLADE for your troubles.

[WLK:T5] Terra's Story: Mysterious Tower and Mysterious Wilderness

+--TREASURE CHESTS------------------------------------------------------------+
| POWER CRYSTAL: Mysterious Tower, Furthest point from the entrance |
| LETTER BALLOON: Mysterious Tower, Left of the entrance |
| CURE: Mysterious Tower, Right of the entrance |
| MAGIC RECIPE: Tower: Entrance, Behind the stairs |

This world is nice and short. It's really just a plot-related interlude. Pick
up the treasure chests outside the tower and in its entrance, then go up the
stairs to talk to Master Yen Sid.

Now head to the next world and you will be treated to a more interesting
conversation with Master Xehanort. How much of his story should you believe?
You will have to decide that for yourself!

[WLK:T6] Terra's Story: Radiant Garden

+--TREASURE CHESTS------------------------------------------------------------+
| FIRA: Palace Garden, Northeast corner of the plaza area |
| POWER CRYSTAL: Palace Garden, Southwest corner of the plaza area |
| POTION: Town Square, Northeast corner |
| HI-POTION: Town Square, Southwest corner |
| ESUNA: Waterway, Northeast corner along the outer wall |
| BLACKOUT: Waterway, North end on the top level |
| HI-POTION: Waterway, South end in a nook off the main bridge |
| MAP: Residential Area, Northwest corner |
| CURE-ALL: Fountain Square, Southwest corner |
| THUNDER BLITZ: Fountain Square, Northeast corner on the platform |
| TIME CRYSTAL: Fountain Square, Northeast corner on the platform |
| SPARKLING CRYSTAL: Merlin's House, South end |
| MEGA-POTION: Decontamination Facility, North end (must complete the world |
| first) |
| CHAOS CRYSTAL: Decontamination Facility, Southeast corner (see above) |
| In the northeast nook along the water in the Fountain Square. You will |
| have to clear a group of four Blue Sea-Salts first. |

After a short introduction, you will be deposited in the Town Square for
another fight against the Unversed. This fight is a little harder than normal
though, because of the addition of two new enemies. The Chrono Twister, which
looks like a giant hourglass, is the worst. Even at long range, it can stop
time for you until you escape by wiggling the analog stick. This can leave you
vulnerable for a long time, so be sure to target the Chrono Twister first.
There are also several creatures that look like giant red and black balls. If
they puff up and start rolling on the ground towards you, back off! They are
about to explode and there is nothing you can do to prevent it. Just get out of
the way. If you watch out for these two new enemies and heal as needed, you
should be fine though.

Once this fight is done, pick up the two chests in the Town Square and head out
into the city proper. After a short cutscene with Merlin, be sure to examine
the book to unlock the HONEY POT BOARD. Now head outside again and follow the
giant Unversed to the north.

The next area is called the Fountain Square, and you will need to jump into the
water jets to get propelled upwards towards the exit. To get the chests in the
northeast corner, jump from the central platform on the third level down to
the water jet on the east platform on the second level. This water jet can take
you all the way up to the east platform on the highest level.

Go through one more pretty straightforward room, and then it's time for a boss

+--BOSS FIGHT: TRINITY ARMOR--------------------------------------------------+
| |
| If you have played other Kingdom Hearts games, you probably remember the |
| Guard Armor. Well, this guy is an updated version of that boss. Basically, |
| he has separate legs, arms, and head, and you need to kill them one at a |
| time. |
| |
| At the beginning of the fight, the pieces are all attached, and the Trinity |
| Armor will use the following attacks in order: |
| |
| Attack 1: Shoot fireballs up into the sky. These will land on the ground |
| where you and your allies were standing a couple seconds ago, |
| and they will explode into more fireballs on contact. While the |
| fireballs are being shot up, you should have time for two quick |
| combos. After that, immediately start moving so you are not hit. |
| Attack 2: Fly directly at you (or one of your allies) in a ramming attack. |
| The Trinity Armor will do this three times in a row. Use Guard |
| to avoid this. |
| Attack 3: Move to the center of the room, charge up a huge laser, and send |
| it back and forth in a sweeping motion around the room. While |
| the Trinity Armor is moving and while it is charging the laser, |
| you should have time to hit it a bunch. Once the laser is out, |
| use Slide to run right THROUGH it as it sweeps by. You are |
| invincible while the Slide is happening! |
| |
| After these three attacks (or earlier, if you kill something quickly), the |
| Trinity Armor will split into pieces, and you will have time to do a little |
| more damage before the next attack. I don't think there's anything random |
| in what it does, but the attack order depends on what you've destroyed, so |
| it's a bit complicated. I will just list the options: |
| |
| Attack 1: All pieces of the Trinity Armor start spinning rapidly across |
| the room. If you get hit by one, you will take heavy damage. I |
| recommend going into a corner and protecting yourself with Guard |
| while this attack happens. If you have a high-level Shoot Lock, |
| you can also use that to give yourself temporary invincibility. |
| Attack 2: The pieces might just do their own thing. The legs stomp around, |
| and the head and arms fly around. This is a good time to attack. |
| You might take a little damage here or there, but it won't hurt |
| too much. |
| Attack 3: If at least two pieces are alive, they might slowly circle |
| around the room, shooting a constant lightning beam towards the |
| center. This attack looks scary but is actually not too bad. Run |
| to the outside of the room, and attack whichever piece of the |
| Trinity Armor is moving towards you. |
| Attack 4: The head might shoot fireballs or lasers all over the place. I |
| recommend just evading while this happens. This often seems to |
| be followed by attack #1, so be ready. |
| Attack 5: The remaining pieces of the Trinity Armor might fuse together |
| and do the giant laser again (attack #3 in the first list). |
| |
| In general, watch out for the spinning attack (#1 in the second list), the |
| giant laser (#3 in the first list), and the fireball/laser sprays (#4 in |
| the second list). The rest you can probably handle without too much danger. |
| By the way, you have to destroy the head last. It will stop taking damage |
| at some point if the other pieces are left alive, so if that happens, just |
| switch targets. |
| |
| Good luck! You will be doing this fight at least three times throughout the |
| course of the game, so I hope you like it! |

After the fight, you will also get a TICKET TO DISNEY TOWN. Then, it's rash
decision time, and you will now find yourself needing to rescue Master
Xehanort. (You don't seriously believe Braig's story, do you?) Anyway, head
back to the start room, and out the south exit to reach the Castle Garden and
then Braig.

+--BOSS FIGHT: BRAIG----------------------------------------------------------+
| |
| This fight is very long but the pattern is not all that difficult. Braig |
| begins by teleporting to the upper platform and firing lasers at you. Just |
| keep moving to avoids his attacks and wait until he comes back down. |
| |
| For the most part, Braig will now teleport around, shoot two volleys at |
| you, and then stop to reload. You should walk to the side (do not Slide) to |
| avoid the first volley, and then slide up next to Braig to avoid the |
| second. This will leave you in a good position to counter-attack. Braig can |
| also charge up a large dark beam. Just back off and Slide to avoid it. If |
| you are fast, you can also hit him while he's charging (but not after). |
| |
| After this continues for a while, Braig will teleport, stand there for a |
| bit without doing anything, teleport again, and then run around firing as |
| he goes. If you are ready, you can avoid this with Slide, with Guard, or |
| just by running out of the way, but if he hits you at the start, he will |
| combo you for a lot of damage. This is Braig's most dangerous move, so play |
| defensively soon as he does the tell-tale teleport without attacking. |
| |
| After this, Braig teleports up top and the fight repeats. |
| |
| Just be patient, avoid the running+firing attack, and you should be fine. |
| When you heal, try to do it while Braig reloads. You really don't want him |
| to interrupt your heal with a quick volley. I also recommend using Shoot |
| Lock early and often here to speed things up. |

After the fight is over, there will be a couple more cutscenes and you will get
the BLACK VOLLEY Shoot Lock and XEHANORT'S REPORT #2. Be sure to come back to
the world afterwards to grab the two chests in the Decontamination Facility
(where you fought Braig).

[WLK:T7] Terra's Story: Disney Town

+--TREASURE CHESTS------------------------------------------------------------+
| MAP: Main Street, Southwest corner |
| POTION: Main Street, Northwest corner |
| SPINNING CRYSTAL: Race Venue, Northwest corner on the second level |
| REVENGE FANG: Race Venue, Southeast corner on the bottom level |
| SLOTS BLADE: Race Venue, Rooftop (come from Pete's Playground) |
| CURE-ALL: Trick Room, Southwest corner on a platform (must activate the |
| machine to get it) |
| ACTION RECIPE: Trick Room, Northwest corner on a platform (must activate |
| the machine to get it) |
| CHAOS CRYSTAL: Trick Room, Northwest corner on a platform (must activate |
| the machine to get it) |
| THUNDER: Trick Room, Northwest corner on the bottom level |
| THUNDER: Trick Room, Southwest corner on the bottom level |
| ABSOLUTE ZERO: Trick Room, Platform north of the elevator (must activate |
| the machine to get it) |
| MEGA-POTION: Trick Room, Platform north of the elevator (must activate the |
| machine to get it) |
| ZERO GRAVIRA: Pete's Playground, Alcove in the top left |
| AERIAL SLAM: Pete's Playground, Alcove in the top right |
| BREAK TIME: Pete's Playground, Central alcove behind a grate |
| CHAOS CRYSTAL: Pete's Playground, Central alcove above the grate (the one |
| near the top exit to the Race Venue) |
| Go through the sewers and Pete's Playground to the rooftop in the Race |
| Venue. From there, Air Slide across to a roof that is barely visible to |
| the northwest. The Prize Pots should appear after clearing a group of |
| Blue Sea-Salts. |

Disney Town is primarily a hub of mini-games. In fact to complete the world,
all you need to do is win a round of Rumble Racing. For more information on
Rumble Racing and the other mini-games located here (Fruit Scatter, Rhythmic
Icecream, and the Icecream Shop), see the mini-game section of the guide.

There are also a number of chests to pick up, quite apart from all the
mini-games. Their locations are very similar for each character, so if this is
not your first playthrough and if you remember what to do, feel free to skip
the rest of this section.

Most of these chests are hidden in the sewers. Go to Main Street and examine
the manhole cover to go down. In this area, you will see a giant machine with a
lightning bolt on it and a power gauge. You need to hit it a bunch with
Thunder-based attacks to charge it up. The charge will go back down over time
so you have to be fast, but the game gives you two Thunder spells in the same
room to help you out. You can also use the Thunderbolt Command Style if you
have that already.

Once the machine is going, you can get on an elevator to reach the upper
levels. Jump on the moving hands and gears to move around up here and pick up
all the chests (see the list at the start). If you go south from the upper
level, you will also find a whole new area: Pete's Playground. Climb the
stairs and get on the glove to propel yourself out into a giant pinball
machine! Propelling yourself up is a little finicky: I think how far you go is
based on when you press X. If you look at Terra, you will see a circular signal
that keeps pulsing out from around him. I found it helped to press X around the
time this circle faded out. The shaft doesn't have walls all the way up, so you
can Air Slide out to the left even if you don't get all the way up.

Once in the pinball machine, you can bounce around and pick up lots of money.
Use L and R to hit the flippers and try to make it to the various alcoves to
pick up the chests. There is also a set of locked bars. To unlock them, you
need to smash into each of the four bumpers marked with a crown. Each time
you hit one of these bumpers, a light will go on near the bars, and eventually
they will retract. Go wild and have fun here! One of the alcoves in this area
also leads to the rooftops of the Race Venue area where you can find yet
another treasure chest, as well as the Prize Pots for this world.

When you complete the world, you will get the TOWN BOARD. If you have already
finished the game with the other two characters, you will also see an extra
cutscene where you are given the Million Dream Award.

[WLK:T8] Terra's Story: Olympus Coliseum

+--TREASURE CHESTS------------------------------------------------------------+
| FIRE STRIKE: Coliseum: Entrance, Northeast corner |
| MEGA-ATTACK RECIPE: Coliseum: Entrance, Nook just west of the north exit |
| MEGA-POTION: Coliseum: Entrance, Southwest corner |
| MAP: Coliseum: Lobby, East Side |
| In the southeast corner of the City of Thebes area. |

Disclaimer: I am listing Olympus Coliseum before Deep Space because its battle
level is lower, but it is probably harder overall. If you are
having trouble with Olympus Coliseum, go and do Deep Space first.
Or alternatively, do a couple rounds in the Mirage Arena.

Olympus Coliseum opens up with a traditional battle against the Unversed. Watch
out for the new Buckler Bruisers here. They are immune to melee attacks from
in front (and they will counter-attack if you try to him them this way), so
either attack from behind or use magic.

After a brief conversation with young Hercules, head out to the main Olympus
Coliseum and speak with Hades to enter the tournament.

+--BOSS FIGHT: COLISEUM TOURNAMENT--------------------------------------------+
| |
| You will have to clear ten groups of Unversed without a break, and with a |
| time limit during each round. Here is the exact list of what you are up |
| against: |
| |
| Round 1: 3 Scrappers (30 seconds) |
| Round 2: 1 Bruiser and 1 Medicine Bottle (15 seconds) |
| Round 3: 3 Chest Spiders (30 seconds) |
| Round 4: 1 Buckler Bruiser (20 seconds) |
| Round 5: 5 Shoe Gazers (15 seconds) |
| Round 6: 2 Red Hot Cherries, 2 Blue Sea-Salts, 2 Yellow Mustards, and |
| 1 Axe Flapper (40 seconds) |
| Round 7: 3 Buckler Bruisers (40 seconds) |
| Round 8: 2 Chrono Twisters and 2 Monotrackers (30 seconds) |
| Round 9: 1 Bruiser and 5 Mandrakes (30 seconds) |
| Round 10: 30 Jellyfish (30 seconds) |
| |
| The best thing you can do is set up your command deck so that you have one |
| healing spell and a bunch of strong attack commands. The best are effects |
| that hit multiple targets (e.g. Thunder Blitz) or group-disables (e.g. Zero |
| Gravira). If you spam Battle Commands during the fights, you also switch |
| Command Styles, which helps a lot. In particular, if you manage to switch |
| to Rock Breaker, you should be in great shape while it lasts. |
| |
| I found the toughest rounds to be 5, 7, and 10. In Round 5, the time limit |
| is very short, so go all-out offense ASAP. For Round 7, you have a bunch of |
| time but the enemies have good defense. I recommend starting with a Shoot |
| Lock to get around this defense. Finally, for round 10, the Jellyfish are |
| actually pretty dangerous. Keep at full health and use multi-target damage |
| spells if possible to wipe out several enemies at a time. |
| |
| Good luck! |

With the tournament out of the way, it is onto the boss fight. I recommend
equipping a Shoot Lock that you have leveled all the way to max. (I used Meteor
Shower but I think the level is more important than the type of Shoot Lock.) A
high-level Shoot Lock will allow you to quickly lock on many times, which is a
handy way of granting yourself invincibility in a pinch. Depending on your
level, you might need this soon... You should also equip one or more healing
spells. Then talk to Hades to continue.

+--BOSS FIGHT: ZACK ROUND 1---------------------------------------------------+
| Reward: NONE |
| |
| Zack can do a bunch of damage, but he is easy to dodge if you are far away. |
| So if the fight is going badly, Slide away and wait for your Cure spells to |
| recharge. You will have to deal with three kinds of attacks: |
| |
| Swing: Zack runs towards you, and then does a regular sword combo. You |
| should Guard this with Square, and then do the counter-attack. You |
| do not have time for a full combo afterwards though. |
| Dark Bolt: Zack shoots a homing bolt towards you along the ground. You |
| CAN Guard this, but it's better to Slide past it to Zack, and |
| then do a regular combo. |
| Jump: Zack jumps up into the air and lands with a shockwave. This cannot |
| be Guarded. (If you have already fought Zack with Aqua, take note! |
| This is an important difference!) Walk or jump out of range, and |
| then go in for a combo after he lands. This is the trickiest attack |
| Zack has, so you can also just back off entirely and not worry |
| about countering. |
| |
| Keep your distance so you can see what attack's coming, and then counter it |
| as explained above. |

So what was the big fuss, right? Well you're not done yet. With a little help
from our friend Hades, you get another round:

+--BOSS FIGHT: ZACK ROUND 2---------------------------------------------------+
| |
| Zack still uses his Dark Bolt and Jump attacks from Round 1 (I haven't seen |
| him do the Swing attack but he may have that too), but now he also has two |
| new attacks: |
| |
| Hero's Pride: Zack does a rapid-fire series of teleporting slashes, then |
| dive-bombs you with a shockwave attack. |
| Meteor: Zack summons a bunch of meteors to fall on you from the sky. |
| |
| Okay, the real problem here is Hero's Pride. Zack uses it often, it does a |
| ton of damage (enough for a one-hit KO at low levels) aaaand to the best of |
| my knowledge, it is impossible to Guard, dodge, or interrupt. If you are |
| high enough level, you can take the hit and then heal afterwards. Just be |
| sure to avoid the nasty dive bomb at the end by counter-attacking the final |
| teleporting slash. Just mashing Square should get the job done. |
| |
| If you are low level or want to avoid getting hit, you will need to use a |
| Shoot Lock. Any time, you see Zack charging up with dark energy, aim your |
| Shoot Lock and unleash it as soon as Zack comes at you. If your Shoot Lock |
| leveled enough, this will keep you invincible through the bulk of Hero's |
| Pride. Again, you should avoid the final dive bomb by Sliding out of the |
| way or by counter-attacking if you got hit by one of the teleporting |
| slashes. |
| |
| No matter how you survive the Hero's Pride, Zack will be exhausted after he |
| uses it. Take this opportunity to combo him. He will then usually do one or |
| maybe two other attacks before using Hero's Pride again. Counter the other |
| attack as normal but get ready to setup the next Shoot Lock. If Zack uses |
| Meteor in here, just Slide out of the way. |
| |
| By the way, charged finisher moves also grant you invincibility and some of |
| the D-Link finishers are nice and slow (Ven for example), so you can also |
| D-Link to one of them, build up a finisher, and then use it as soon as Zack |
| uses Hero's Pride. |
| |
| Anyway, good luck! Just abuse the Shoot Locks and you should be able to do |
| it. If you think using Shoot Lock so much is cheap, just remember that Zack |
| was cheap first! |

After the fight is over, you will also get the MARK OF THE HERO KEYBLADE and

[WLK:T9] Terra's Story: Deep Space

+--TREASURE CHESTS------------------------------------------------------------+
| HIGH JUMP: Planet Turo: Containment Block, Middle compartment on the west |
| wall |
| BRUTAL BLAST: Planet Turo: Containment Block, South compartment on the east |
| wall |
| POWER CRYSTAL: Planet Turo: Containment Block, North compartment on the |
| east wall |
| MEGA-EITHER: Planet Turo: Containment Block, Middle compartment on the east |
| wall |
| MEGA-POTION: Planet Turo: Containment Block, South compartment on the west |
| wall |
| MAP: Planet Turo: Transfer Office, East end |
| HI-POTION: Spaceship: Transfer Office, Center |
| ETHER: Ship Passage, Northeast corner |
| HI-POTION: Ship Passage, Southeast corner |
| POWER CRYSTAL: Ship Passage, South end (must complete the world first) |
| DEGEN: Ship Passage, West end (must complete the world first) |
| HI-POTION: Control Room, In the big central part |
| SATIATED CRYSTAL: Link Block, Third level east end |
| MEGA-POTION: Link Block, Bottom level south end (gravity must be ON) |
| TIME CRYSTAL: Link Block, Fourth level east end (gravity must be ON) |
| THUNDARA: Raid Deck, High platform on the east side |
| SPINNING CRYSTAL: Raid Deck, Southeast corner (gravity must be ON) |
| PERVADING CRYSTAL: Raid Deck, Northeast corner (gravity must be ON) |
| DETONATE SQUARE: Engine Room Entrance, Southeast corner |
| At the south end of the Planet Turo: Containment Block area. |

Deep Space begins with a rather unusual "boss" fight:

+--BOSS FIGHT: JELLYFISH ARMY ROUND 1-----------------------------------------+
| Reward: HP BOOST |
| |
| You have to fight a huge number of Jellyfish Unversed on your bike. Your |
| normal Command Deck is replaced with the following four fixed commands for |
| this: |
| |
| O: Attack |
| X: Jump |
| Square: Reflect |
| Triangle: Dash |
| |
| As it turns out, the Jellyfish hardly attack at all, so just run into them |
| and mash O. You'll be fine. By the way, I wouldn't bother with targeting |
| here. There are too many guys - just attack whatever's closest. |

After this fight, you will be swallowed into a spaceship and then be given a
more traditional Unversed battle. From here, you will be left to explore the
Containment Block. There are five chests in the compartments here, and various
elevators you can use to get to them. At this stage, the best way to get all
the chests is to go up the one elevator that touches the ground. Go right from
there to the northwest corner of the room, Air Slide across to the northeast
corner, work your way down to the southeast corner, and finally Air Slide back
again to the southwest corner. Once High Jump is leveled up more, you will also
be able to get to the southwest corner more directly. But for now, this is
probably your only option. At the very least, make sure you do get the High
Jump ability before moving on.

You now have a fairly lengthy trek ahead of you. Go out to the next room, use
the transfer machine, and exit to the north to reach the outer hull. You will
be on your bike again here. If you want to kill the enemies, I recommend moving
to one of the pillars in the corners. You will latch on automatically and you
can then dive off at high speed into the enemies. Mash O to take them down.
It's quite fun really. When you are ready to move on, keep heading north.

The next room is called the Raid Deck. First pick up the two chests on the
bottom floor, then jump up the blocks to head out the east exit into Engine
Room Entrance, where you can find one more chest. Now head back into the Raid
Deck and use the computer terminal to turn off gravity. Having the gravity off
will make it impossible to go out the east exit or to pick up the chests I just
mentioned, but you can always turn the gravity back off if you want.

Having gravity off DOES allow you to jump super-high though, and you can then
make your way up to the west exit. And from there, you can head further up to
a high platform on the east wall and another chest. Just watch out for turrets
on the way. Avoid them, or destroy them with the Keyblade or by Guarding their
lasers back at them. The next room is a tall shaft which you can explore by
again taking advantage of computers to turn gravity on or off. When you are
done, head out the southwest exit. After a couple much more straightforward
rooms, you will finally reach the boss fight.

+--BOSS FIGHT: EXPERIMENT 221-------------------------------------------------+
| |
| It's Pikachu! Well not quite, but close enough. Experiment 221 uses the |
| following attacks (all or most of these are thunder-based, which makes |
| Thunder Guard handy if you happen to have it): |
| |
| 1. Experiment 221 pauses in mid-air, charges through you, and then comes |
| back and charges through you again. You can avoid this with Guard or |
| Slide. If you are fast, you can combo Experiment 221 afterwards while |
| he recovers. |
| 2. Experiment 221 lands on the center platform, and shoots lightning |
| balls in all directions. I like to stand a little ways back from the |
| platform and Guard a ball back at him. If you get the Guard off, you |
| can try to run up afterwards and get a couple hits in. If you do not |
| get the Guard off though, one of the balls will keep following you |
| around for while, so I just back off at that point. |
| 3. Experiment 221 lands on the ground somewhere else, and after a short |
| pause, emits a very painful lightning explosion around him. You can |
| avoid this by backing off, but a better approach is to combo him as |
| soon as he lands. If you are fast, this will interrupt the attack and |
| maybe even stun him. This is the best time to do damage, but it's also |
| easy to be too slow and not get the interrupt off in time, so try to |
| be careful! |
| |
| Between attacks, Experiment 221 flies around quickly, making him hard to |
| hit. So aside from Shoot Locks, your main source of damage will probably be |
| from counter-attacking. Just do as I explained above. |
| |
| After a while, Experiment 221 will disappear and take control of the laser |
| cannons. They can fire at you (just keep walking to stay safe), or swing at |
| you if you get close. If you destroy both lasers, Experiment 221 will be |
| stunned for a while and you can unload on him. Otherwise, he will blow up |
| the lasers by himself after a few salvos of laser fire. When the lasers |
| start glowing white, back off so you don't get hit and stunned. |
| |
| After this, the fight gets a little nastier. Attack 1 will involve three |
| charges instead of two, and there is a completely new attack: |
| |
| 4. Experiment 221 charges up while in the air and fires enormous |
| exploding lightning balls at you. Stay back and then Slide in as each |
| ball is fired. If Experiment 221 then immediately starts charging up |
| another ball, keep evading. Otherwise, you should have time for a |
| combo while he recovers. |
| |
| He might also take control of the lasers again at any point. If you can |
| take down the lasers, that will give you a good time to do some damage. |
| Otherwise, it may be slow going, but if you heal as needed and play safely, |
| you should be fine. Shoot Locks are a good offensive option here too if you |
| need a boost. |

For completing the world, you will get the HYPERDRIVE KEYBLADE, the EXPERIMENT
626 D-LINK, and the SPACESHIP BOARD. You can also get two more chests by
returning to Deep Space and going to the Ship Passage area.

[WLK:T10] Terra's Story: Neverland (and Destiny Islands)

+--TREASURE CHESTS------------------------------------------------------------+
| HI-POTION: Cape, North end |
| ETHER: Cape, South end |
| HI-POTION: Cliff Road, Bottom level |
| MEGA-POTION: Cliff Road, Central cliff top |
| FIRAGA: Cliff Road, Destroy the rock pile in the northwest corner |
| DARK HAZE: Mermaid Creek, Northeast corner in a cave at water level |
| GAIA BREAK: Mermaid Creek, Northwest cliff top (come from the high exit at |
| the Cliff Road) |
| ELIXIR: Mermaid Creek, East end |
| HI-POTION: Jungle, Northeast corner |
| SPARKLING CRYSTAL: Peter's Hideout, Southeast corner (must complete the |
| world first) |
| MEGA-MAGIC RECIPE: Peter's Hideout, Southeast corner (must complete the |
| world first) |
| MAP: Valley, Northwest corner |
| HI-POTION: Valley, Northeast corner |
| MEGALIXIR: Rainbow Falls: Base, West side in the middle of the river |
| ZERO GRAVIGA: Rainbow Falls: Base, Northeast corner |
| SPINNING CRYSTAL: Rainbow Falls: Peak, Northwest corner |
| CURE-ALL: Skull Rock: Outside, Northwest corner |
| MEGALIXIR: Skull Rock, High platform in the northwest corner |
| SOLO ARCANUM: Skull Rock, High platform in the southeast corner |
| CHAOS CRYSTAL: Skull Rock, High platform in the southeast corner |
| In the Skull Rock: Outside area on the ledge next to the east eye. To get |
| there, you need to climb up to the west eye, go inside, Air Slide across, |
| and then come out the exit there. |

Neverland opens with a battle against Unversed as normal. This fight can be
pretty nasty though, because there's a big jump in monster level in Neverland,
and also because of the Wild Bruisers. These gorilla Unversed can charge you,
can stomp the ground near them for a shockwave, and can shoot earth spikes
along the ground. These are all very high damage attacks so pay attention to
them. If there is just one Wild Bruiser, you can keep hitting him without
letting him recover, but you will have to deal with three at a time here, so
you might want to play a little more defensively. Guarding and countering the
rush attack is a particularly useful trick. If the monsters seem too strong,
now would be a good time to check out the Mirage Arena. If you do a couple
rounds there, your level will catch up.

Anyway, once this fight is done, Terra will once again fall in with the wrong
crowd and you will have to head to Skull Rock. Keep going north and you will
soon reach Mermaid Creek. If you follow the road without going in the water,
you will wend your way down to the Rainbow Falls: Base and a couple chests. To
go on though, you have to get out onto the center island in Rainbow Creek (you
can just jump into the water and climb up from there) and then jump to the
northwest. Be sure to pick up the chest in the northeast corner of the water
while you are down there though.

This will get you to the Cliff Road. There is a chest hidden here behind a rock
pile in the northwest corner. Just keep hitting it with your Keyblade to
destroy it. Also, if you jump onto the cliff top and then Air Slide to the
nearby tree top, you will find an exit in the cliff wall. This will take you
to the highest cliff top in the Mermaid Creek area and another chest.

Once you have everything, keep heading north and you will eventually reach
Skull Rock and the first boss for this world.

+--BOSS FIGHT: PETER PAN------------------------------------------------------+
| |
| Peter Pan flies around constantly, which makes him tricky to hit, but he |
| has only two attacks: |
| |
| 1. Peter Pan's arms glow white, and he swoops down and slices at you. |
| This attack cannot be Guarded, so move out of the way, and then try to |
| catch Peter Pan with a Keyblade swing as he flies off. |
| 2. Peter Pan hovers upright near the ground, then slowly approaches you |
| and does a short combo. Guard this and counter-attack. |
| |
| If you ever hit Peter Pan, he will be stunned for a short while, so take |
| advantage of this to do as much damage as you can. It is pretty obvious |
| when Peter Pan is doing one of his attacks, and you can try to hit him any |
| other time without risk. The fight will end once you take off two bars of |
| health. As long as you remember not to try to Guard attack #1, this fight |
| shouldn't be too big a problem. |

After the fight, you will also get the PETER PAN D-LINK. Head outside, and you
will hear the Lost Boys calling out for help. Run back in for the real "boss"
of Neverland.

+--BOSS FIGHT: JELLYFISH ARMY ROUND 2-----------------------------------------+
| |
| If you don't know what to do, this fight can be pretty nasty. There are a |
| ton of Jellyfish, they hit hard, and they hit with little warning. So what |
| should you do? Abuse Sonic Slide! You can just Slide around among the |
| Jellyfish, laying waste to everything near you without making yourself |
| vulnerable for more than a split second! |
| |
| Area-of-effect spells and a couple other things work too, but really, Sonic |
| Slide is the best option. |

You will also get the PIXIE CHARM KEYBLADE for your troubles.

With Neverland out of the way, you will get a short but charming cutscene on
Destiny Islands where Terra meets Sora and Riku from the main Kingdom Hearts
series. There you will get the GAIA BANE KEYBLADE.

To get the chests at the top of Skull Rock, come back to Neverland afterwards
and go around to the northwest corner of Skull Rock: Outside. With High Jump
equipped, jump up, and you should be able to climb to the high west entrance.
That gets you one chest. You can then jump across to the other platform and the
other two chests here by using Air Slide twice.

[WLK:T11] Terra's Story: Mysterious Wilderness and Land of Departure

Master Xehanort is calling Terra, which means you need to find him in the
Mysterious Wilderness. First though, go to the Land of Departure and pick up
all the treasure chests (see Section [WLK:T2]). This is your last chance!

After a short cutscene in the Mysterious Wilderness, you will get the DARK
IMPULSE COMMAND STYLE. It's then on to the Land of Departure and a major boss

+--BOSS FIGHT: MASTER ERAQUS--------------------------------------------------+
| Reward: HP BOOST |
| |
| As befits a true Keyblade Master, Eraqus has a lot of tricks up his sleeve. |
| Fortunately, you will constantly be going into Dark Impulse, which should |
| help. Here are the attacks you will have to deal with at the beginning of |
| the fight: |
| |
| 1. Eraqus unleashes a multi-hit Keyblade combo on you. Guard this, do a |
| counter-attack, and then follow up with a combo of your own. To avoid |
| getting caught off the bat, you should keep some distance between you |
| and Eraqus unless you are actively attacking him. If you do get caught |
| in the combo, keep pushing Square. You may get off a Guard midway |
| through. |
| 2. Eraqus does three Keyblade charges, similar to Sonic Blade. This does |
| a ton of damage, occurs with no warning, and travels a long way, so it |
| is Eraqus's most dangerous attack at this stage. The trick to avoiding |
| the first charge is to constantly be circling Eraqus. That way he will |
| miss you. After that, you should have be able to line up a Guard, |
| which will stop Eraqus's attack and give you time to do a combo of |
| your own. If you do get hit by a charge, once again mash Square. If |
| you are lucky, you will get off a counterattack and not get hit again. |
| 3. Eraqus charges up and summons ethereal Keyblades all around him. You |
| really do NOT want to be next to him while this happens. He then sends |
| the Keyblades flying at you. Back off a bunch, and then Guard at the |
| last second to reflect the Keyblades back at Eraqus. Hold down Square |
| the whole time to make sure you get all the blades. (If you do not |
| back up, a Keyblade might hit you from behind and get past Guard.) |
| 4. Eraqus charges up and shoots three light bolts at you. You can tell |
| this is not attack #3 because there is no ring of ethereal Keyblades. |
| Get up pretty close and Guard to reflect the bolts back. Do NOT try to |
| go in for a combo afterwards - Eraqus will follow this immediately |
| with another attack. (The reason to go close is because then Eraqus |
| will not have time to defend himself from the bolts you send back.) |
| 5. While you are comboing Eraqus, he might counter with a quick jump |
| attack. I am not sure if there is any reliable way of avoiding getting |
| hit by this, but fortunately it does not do much damage. |
| |
| If you are high level and are strong enough to play aggressively and win, |
| great. Otherwise, you generally want to circle around Eraqus at medium |
| distance and wait for him to attack. If he does attacks 1 or 2, Guard it |
| and go in for a combo. If he does attacks 3 or 4, Guard the projectiles |
| back, but do not try a combo. If Eraqus counters you with attack 5, don't |
| worry about it. Heal and keep going. The Dark Impulse finisher move makes |
| you invincible by the way, so you can use that with relative impunity. Just |
| hope that Eraqus doesn't start attack 3 while you do it! |
| |
| After you have done a bunch of damage, Eraqus will start using some new |
| attacks: |
| |
| 6. Eraqus teleports next to you and does a quick two-hit combo. This is |
| hard to avoid but like attack #5, it does not hurt much. Deal with it |
| and keep going. |
| 7. Desperation Move #1: The screen goes black and Eraqus charges up three |
| ethereal Keyblades. He chucks them into the ground and they transform |
| into flame pillars that follow you around. The pillars are fast but |
| you safely Slide through them. Just evade until they disappear. If you |
| end up next to Eraqus, you can combo him after this attack is done. |
| 8. Desperation Move #2: The screen goes black and Eraqus charges up with |
| a whole ring of Keyblades. Keep your distance and stand still. The |
| Keyblades will emit lasers in a ring and this ring will slowly rotate. |
| You need to walk in the same direction as the ring so that you don't |
| get hit. This is a little tricky, but the lasers don't hurt too much |
| even if you mess up. You can combo Eraqus after this attack is over. |
| |
| These new attacks make things more complicated, but the basic strategy is |
| the same. Stay healed, and counter-attack as I explained above. Good luck! |

After the fight is over, you get a badass cutscene. Remember when Terra
actually believed Braig was strong enough to capture Master Xehanort? Good
times. You will also get XEHANORT'S REPOT #8 and the CHAOS REAPER KEYBLADE.

[WLK:T12] Terra's Story: Keyblade Graveyard

+--TREASURE CHESTS------------------------------------------------------------+
| ELIXIR: Battlefield, Northeast corner |
| MEGA-POTION: Battlefield, Southeast corner |
| MAP: Battlefield, Halfway up the path |
| WIND CUTTER: Sandstorm Road, Just west of the central pillar |
| MEGA-POTION: Sandstorm Road, Just north of the central pillar |
| MEGA-ETHER: Sandstorm Road, Northeast corner |
| MEGALIXIR: Sandstorm Road, Northwest corner |

Welcome to the final world in Terra's story! The first area is deserted except
for some chests, but the second is pretty nasty (although if you have finished
another character's story already, you should know what's coming). There will
be a number of whirlwinds flying around here. If you get close, the whirlwind
will chase after you and swallow you up, forcing you into a fight against
Unversed. The good news is the whirlwinds will not return until you leave the
world (even if you save and load). Here are the three different fights you
might get in each whirlwind.

Fight #1: Part 1: 1 Bruiser, 2 Scrappers, and 2 Blue Sea-Salts
--------- Part 2: 4 Razor Bunnies
Part 3: 3 Buckler Bruisers
This is the easiest of the three fights. Against the Buckler Bruisers, you
can use a Shoot Lock, or you can run up behind them and hit them once. They
will probably turn around and jump at you. Guard and counter-attack for a
bunch of damage. Repeat.

Fight #2: Part 1: 4 Red Hot Cherries
--------- Part 2: 2 Illimitable Tanks and 2 Sonic Blasters
Part 3: 1 Face Pile and 4 Mandrakes
The last part of this fight is really nasty if you don't know what to do.
The Mandrakes will constantly be shooting at you, and it will be very
difficult to fight. The trick is to just Slide around, getting close to
each Mandrake. This will cause the Mandrake to pull itself outside of the
ground, and from then on, it won't be able to shoot at you.

Fight #3: Part 1: 3 giant Floods
--------- Part 2: 1 giant Chrono Twister and 3 giant Yellow Mustards
Part 3: 1 giant Medicine Bottle and 4 giant Shoe Gazers
The size of the enemies is what makes this fight hard. For the second part,
stay back if any of the Yellow Mustards are glowing white. You probably
will not be able to get past their attack. For the third part, you can tell
if a Shoe Gazer is attacking if it compresses as it hits the ground. If
it's just bouncing up and down without changing appearance, you can attack
safely. With four of these guys though, you may want to just use a Shoot

Obviously, you will want to have a healing spell in your Command Deck for these
fights unless you are super high level and super confident. If you are having
trouble, you can always level up in the Mirage Arena and come back later. By
the way, remember this spot. It is the best place in the game to earn CP and to
level up commands.

After getting through the Sandstorm Road, you will come to a save point. Use
it! This is the final save point in the game. When you are ready, head onwards.
If you are feeling nervous about the final boss for Terra, you might want to
consider first creating Restore Guard and Combo Life for yourself (see the
Command Charge section). These will help a lot.

Anyway, after a non-pre-rendered (boo) recreation of the BBS teaser trailers
from KH2 and KH2FM+, it will be time for a sequence of boss fights:

+--BOSS FIGHT: MASTER XEHANORT AND VANITAS------------------------------------+
| Reward: NONE |
| |
| Both of the game's villains at the *same* time? Nasty! Fortunately for you, |
| these guys aren't really trying too hard for reasons that will soon become |
| clear. |
| |
| Xehanort will mostly leave you alone unless you get up close, in which case |
| he will usually teleport away and/or attack. When he does attack, he will |
| do one of the following: |
| |
| 1. Go at with you a short combo, possibly followed by a single ice bolt. |
| 2. Shoot out three ice bolts in a cone. |
| 3. Summon dark energy pillars around you. |
| |
| You can evade any of these attacks by just sliding away. Attacks 2 and 3 |
| are pretty long range but you can hear/see them coming in advance, so you |
| should have time to slide away. Attack 1 can be preceded by a teleport |
| right next to you, which makes it the hardest to dodge. Just keep moving |
| and stay away from Xehanort, and you will probably be fine. It doesn't hurt |
| too much anyway. |
| |
| The better target here is Vanitas. He is both more dangerous and easier to |
| hit. Here are his attacks: |
| |
| 1. He shoots a very slow fireball that after a couple seconds splits into |
| several small fireballs. These fireballs then quickly home in on you. |
| 2. He jumps from anywhere to right above you, and sprays you with dark |
| lightning. |
| 3. He does a short combo, possibly followed by a sonic wave directly |
| ahead. |
| 4. Like Master Eraqus, Vanitas has a counter-attack where he will leave |
| behind a stationary clone of himself and then appear above and |
| dive-bomb you. Again, I don't know how to predict this, but it doesn't |
| hurt that much and it often misses altogether, so you can just deal |
| with the occasional surprise hit. |
| |
| As with Xehanort's attack, you can evade any of these by Sliding away. |
| |
| After you have done a bunch of damage to Vanitas, he will also do a |
| desperation attack where the screen flashes and he dives into the ground. |
| He will then chase you a bit from underground before emerging with an |
| explosion, and then maybe diving back for another try. Just stay back while |
| he does this. |
| |
| Okay, so the deal here is Vanitas is only somewhat aggressive, and Master |
| Xehanort is not aggressive at all. This means first of all that if you are |
| hurting, you should be able to safely back off and heal. Mainly you just |
| need to be ready to Slide away if either of them tries something. |
| |
| As for offense, go after Vanitas, and try to knock him or lure him away |
| from Master Xehanort, where you can bash him in peace. Once you have gotten |
| him down to about 1.5 bars of health, the fight will end. |

+--BOSS FIGHT: MASTER XEHANORT ROUND 1----------------------------------------+
| Reward: HP BOOST |
| |
| With Vanitas gone, Xehanort now gets a little bit more aggressive. He can |
| use the following attacks at the start of the battle, the first three of |
| which are what he was using last battle: |
| |
| 1. He does a short combo, possibly followed by a single ice bolt. |
| 2. He shoots out three ice bolts in a cone. |
| 3. He summons dark energy pillars all around you. |
| 4. He summons an earth pillar directly under you, knocking you way up |
| into the air. |
| 5. He summons a stream of Keyblades that fly around and smack you for a |
| while. They don't hurt too much, but Xehanort can still do other |
| attacks while they are up, so I recommend just backing off until they |
| disappear. |
| |
| Again, all of these can be avoided by Sliding away. The problem is that |
| Xehanort will now be attacking much more often. |
| |
| Here's the strategy. If Xehanort is just standing around, assume he will |
| combo you directly or teleport and attack as soon as you get close. Either |
| wait for him to attack or walk close enough to provoke it. Use Slide to |
| evade, and unless he did attack #5, run up for a couple combo of your own. |
| Then back off and repeat. Remember: do not try to attack Xehanort right |
| after a teleport. Wait for him to try something first, then go in. |
| |
| After you do some damage, Xehanort's basic combo gets spiced up. He might |
| teleport again after each hit, making it harder to dodge, and he might put |
| you in a stranglehold at the end. If this happens, just mash O like they |
| suggest to escape. Otherwise, keep going as before. |
| |
| If you need to heal, try to wait for Xehanort to attack first. Unless you |
| have Leaf Bracer, you don't want Xehanort interrupting your heal with an |
| attack. |

+--BOSS FIGHT: MASTER XEHANORT ROUND 2----------------------------------------+
| Reward: NONE |
| |
| Alright, you have now officially made Xehanort angry. Good job! The bad |
| news is now that Xehanort's angry, he is going to be attacking constantly, |
| and he can be pretty scary. Here are the basic attacks you are up against: |
| |
| 1. Xehanort will dash along the ground somewhat randomly, trailing dark |
| energy. This can be Guarded, but it won't stop Xehanort, which means |
| he might end up hitting you from behind right after. I recommend just |
| moving or Sliding out of the way. |
| 2. Xehanort will do a lengthy combo involve a lot of spinning Keyblade |
| attacks. This is sometimes preceded by him teleporting next to you. |
| The combo is long and pretty damaging, but it won't kill you if you |
| have Combo Life equipped. Ideally, you want to Guard this and then |
| counter. |
| 3. Xehanort will shoot a ton of dark bolts at you. Guard this to reflect |
| the bolts back at him. If you have Restore Guard, this will probably |
| heal you to full as a bonus! The downside is getting hit is very, very |
| painful. |
| 4. Xehanort will shoot a smaller number of dark bolts at you in a more |
| erratic homing pattern. Again, Guard these. He will stop once you |
| reflect one back into him. |
| 5. Xehanort will drag his Keyblade in the ground and pull up rocks all |
| around. Guard and counter. |
| 6. Xehanort will do a short darkness-based Keyblade combo. This one ends |
| with a psychic fist to the face, and there is a short pause there so |
| this can kill you outright even with Combo Life. Be sure to mash |
| Square to slide away before the fist hits you. If you have trouble |
| distinguishing this from attack 2, you can just mash Square for both. |
| Unless you successfully Guard this combo, Xehanort will usually follow |
| with attack 7. |
| 7. Xehanort dives into the ground and chases after you, like Vanitas did |
| a couple fights ago. This one is very fast though, and you won't be |
| able to outrun it. The trick is to Slide right over him. He will come |
| up as soon as you pass by, but you will be invincible at the time. |
| 8. Xehanort can heal himself a little bit. Annoying, but no big deal. |
| 9. Xehanort also has a counter-attack similar to Eraqus and Vanitas. He |
| will do a quick shockwave on the ground. If you are playing right, it |
| won't hit you though. See below. |
| |
| That's a lot of attacks, and Xehanort's going to be doing them constantly. |
| So what's the plan? Stay close to Xehanort, and then when he gets ready to |
| attack, push Square to guard. Do the single counter-attack this gives you |
| if he's within range, but do NOT do a combo. Just stay close and get ready |
| for the next attack. He attacks so fast and he is so aggressive that you do |
| not need (or want) to do anything more. Except of course finisher moves; |
| these make you invincible so use them whenever one is charged up. The only |
| exceptions to this strategy are attacks 1 and 6, which you want to avoid by |
| walking and/or Sliding without trying to counter. |
| |
| Unfortunately Xehanort also has a few desperation-type attacks he will use. |
| These are easy to see coming, but still bad news: |
| |
| 10. Xehanort will hold still and summon meteors up from the earth. Keep |
| moving while they are coming up so you don't get hit. The meteors will |
| then all come flying at you. They come too fast for Slide but somewhat |
| surprisingly, Guard can work. Run into a corner, face the center, and |
| Guard from there. There's still some danger a meteor will hit the |
| ground instead of you, and Guard will not protect you from that kind |
| of explosion. If you are worried, you can also charge up and use a |
| Shoot Lock during this time. |
| 11. Xehanort shoots a large ball of light from his Keyblade. It moves very |
| slowly, but it will detonate soon and hit a very large radius. Back |
| off as far as possible and get ready for the next attack. |
| 12. Xehanort will hold still and summon a huge slow-moving spike from the |
| sky. At first, this looks kind of similar to attack 10, but there will |
| be a spike instead of meteors. The spike explodes when it hits the |
| ground, so back off as far as possible. |
| |
| Well, that's pretty much it. Remember: Guard, counter, and heal (and run |
| away during desperation moves). That's what this fight is all about! If you |
| are having trouble, be sure to get Restore Guard and Combo Life as I said |
| earlier. Other than that, be patient, and you'll get it. Good luck! |

Congratulations! If you got this far, you will be rewarded with XEHANORT'S
REPORT #11 and the end of Terra's story. The ending doesn't resolve much, but
don't worry: there's time for that later.

To begin the next character's story, create a new game or load a save in the
prologue, and select a different character. When you start your new game, don't
forget to set the Configure options, especially 333MHz speed if you want the
game to be as smooth as possible.

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