How to beat vanitas sentiment / lingering spirit

How to beat vanitas lingering spirit
HP: 200, Strength: 80, Defense: 27                                    
Status effect vulnerabilities: None
Elemental weaknesses: None
Elemental resistances: 50% damage from
physical,25% damage from everything else

Vanitas's Lingering Spirit is just like
Vanitas except he has a new blacksuit,
he has learned some new moves, and oh yeah,
he's really hard unlessyou know exactly
what to do!


Before even thinking about fighting this guy, I
recommend doing the following:

- Get Once More and Second Chance. Renewal Block and
Renewal Barrier arealways useful too, but they are
hard to rely on. (See Section COL:CM for info on getting
these and other abilities.)
- Get max level Slide/Dodge Roll/Cartwheel. Do not even THINK about
sacrificing defense for offense with Sonic Impact/Thunder Roll/
- Get your character's strongest finish command, and consider getting
Finish Boost, especially for Terra.
- Get the best Keyblade you can find: Ultima Keyblade for Ven/Aqua, and
Chaos Ripper for Terra. Yeah, the Mirage Arena is long and hard, but
this guy's harder.
- Level up. I beat him at level 41, but it was tough. Unless you are
looking for a challenge, I recommend being level 50 or higher.
- Buy and equip lots of Potions. Yeah, that's right. Regular old, boring
Potions. Casting Cure makes bad things happen in this fight, and with
Once More+Second Chance, Potions give you the most healing per slot out
of all the item choices. I used 20 Potions in 4 slots. If you are
playing Ven, you can use Faith or Salvation instead.
- Decide on an offensive strategy and fill the rest of your deck with
appropriate commands. See below for my recommendation with each of the
three characters.
- You might want to fill one slot with ice cream as well. You can use
this to safely recover if you switch into a bad command style.


The next step is learning how to stay alive! You will be relying mostly on
Slide/Dodge Roll/Cartwheel, but the more you know about what to expect, the
better. Most of these attacks are variations on things you have seen
before, but they are stronger now, and less predictable.

1. Vanitas hides within a black orb, and sends out seven images to swing
at you, one at a time. If any of these images hit you, you will be
temporarily blinded. Afterwards, Vanitas will speed towards you for a
melee attack. To stay safe, slide/dodge roll/cartwheel out of the way
as each image approaches, and then once more at the end. You can also
use a Shotlock for invincibility or just spam Square.

Once Vanitas is inside his orb, he is invincible, so you cannot easily
interrupt him or fight back during this attack. However, there is a
short window during which you can hit him right before it begins, and
doing so will cancel the attack. Since Vanitas will start every fight
with this, and since it is a nuisance to dodge, you might want to
experiment with being aggressive at the start of the fight.

2. Vanitas runs towards you, swings once, and then shoots out a sonic
blast. This is the same traditional combo he has always used, although
the sonic blade will now confuse you if it hits you. (This means your
movement controls will be temporarily reversed.)

The first swing here can be blocked, but later ones cannot.
Unfortunately, I do not think it is easy to tell this attack apart
from attack #3, so I recommend just dodging with Square when he gets

3. Vanitas yells, charges up his Keyblade with fire, and then does the
same multi-hit combo that he did in the final battle against Ven. This
attack cannot be blocked, so you will want to dodge it with Slide/
Dodge Roll/Cartwheel. If Vanitas continues this attack to the end, you
can dodge under the final fiery X projectile, and hit him when he
lands. He often stops midway through and switches attacks however. (I
suspect this might depend on where you are standing.)

4. Vanitas teleports and then shoots a slow fireball that splits into
five and then quickly homes in on you. This can be stopped with
Barrier but Terra and Ven's Block ability is less reliable. Dodging
with Slide/Dodge Roll/Cartwheel is good.

5. Vanitas teleports, jumps into the air and pelts the ground where you
are with dark lightning. Dodge with Square.

6. Vanitas glows blue, and charges towards you in the air up to three
times in a row. This cannot be blocked, so dodge with Square.

7. Vanitas teleports near you, dashes around you as a black streak, and
two rows of images converge on you from either side while the screen
goes dark. If you get hit, you will be temporarily blinded. As always,
avoid this with the Square dodge moves.

8. Vanitas teleports next to you in the air and swings at you. He can do
this once as a counter-attack, or repeatedly as a regular attack. If
you know this attack is coming (for example after Vanitas has already
swung once, and it was not a counter to one of your attacks), you can
block him, and then hit him back. Otherwise, you should be using
Slide/Dodge Roll/Cartwheel by reflex whenever you lose track of
Vanitas, and that will keep you safe.

9. Vanitas charges up a Shotlock and shoots a slow-moving and short range
laser at you, like he did at the end of Ven's story. This is one of
the few times where Vanitas will not randomly counter-attack you, so
this is a good time to go on the offensive. (More on that later.)

10. Vanitas submerges underground, moves towards you very quickly, and
then emerges in a shower of flames. With Terra, you want to slide
directly over Vanitas so that he emerges while you are invincible.
Aqua and Ven have shorter distance on their dodges however, and this
is less reliable. You still want to roll/cartwheel once Vanitas gets
close, but the timing is very delicate. If you succeed, Vanitas will
not attack for a second, giving you time to heal yourself or to drop
some mines. (More on that later.)

11. After you hit him, Vanitas might leave an image behind and
immediately dive bomb you with an ice attack. This is the same
counter-attack that always made him so annoying before, although it's
stronger now. He will always sometimes appear next to you and do a
dash attack instead. Both attacks can be easily dodged with Square,
but they make it very difficult to combo Vanitas. As in the past, do
not expect to ever complete a combo.

12. If you cast any Cure spell (including Friend Cure/Cura/Curaga, but
NOT including Potions and other items), Vanitas will heal himself in
response. This can be circumvented by hiding behind a rock so that
Vanitas cannot see you heal. It's easier just to use Potions though.

13. If you shoot a projectile at Vanitas (e.g. a Blizzard spell), he will
usually side-step it, and counter with one of his various teleporting


If you read through all of the above, the main thing you will notice is
that Vanitas leaves very few openings to attack. He also is quite resistant
to Shotlocks, so you will need to find some creative ways of fighting back.
The specifics of what to do now varies by character:

Terra is all about physical damage, and your main goal should be to set
up his finish commands. (You do NOT want to switch command styles.) Equip
Chaos Ripper and Demolition. After dodging an attack, cast Mine Shield or
Mine Square and lure Vanitas onto the trap. This should do minimal
damage, but it will stun him and it will fill up your Command Gauge. If
Vanitas does not teleport away immediately, you should be able to get off
one or two melee swings. Otherwise, slide away. Repeat until you have
filled up the Command Gauge, and then unleash your finish command.

When Vanitas does his Shotlock, try to get behind him and use Ars Solum.
That can do a ton of damage if you get it right.

Ven's damage comes entirely from one ability: Tornado. If you can hit
Vanitas with it, you will be amazed at how powerful it is. With a spell
this slow, the main catch however is hitting him. Here are some good

- Lay a trap with Mine Square or Mine Shield, lure Vanitas into it, and
cast Tornado while he is in the air. You might get counter-attacked
this way, but if Vanitas doesn't teleport away, he is easy pickings.
- If Vanitas does attack #3, and shoots the flaming X projectile, you
can roll up to him as he lands, and cast Tornado right next to him.
- If Vanitas does a Shotlock, he will be holding still, and will be

Aqua relies on Seeker Mine not just to stun Vanitas, but actually do the
damage. Mainly, your goal will be to leave Seeker Mine traps, and just
keep luring Vanitas into them to slowly whittle away his health. Once you
switch into Spell Weaver form though, be careful to NOT hit Vanitas with
your Keyblade until you revert. (In particular, do NOT use Counter
Blast.) Keyblade attacks will give you Ghost Drive, which is very bad
because of its crappy dodge move.

I have noticed two times where Vanitas is especially vulnerable:
- During his Shotlock attack. You can double-jump over him, way above
the attack, and summon Seeker Mines at your feet. Vanitas will get
hit by all of them.
- When Vanitas submerges underground, summon Seeker Mines, wait for
Vanitas to reach you, and then cartwheel away at the last second.
Again, he will be hit by all of them.
You can attack at other times too of course, but these are the two places
where you can pile on the damage the fastest.

If things are going badly, don't forget that you can use Potions to heal,
and don't forget to constantly slide/dodge roll/cartwheel. This fight is
nasty and it will probably take you quite a few tries, but the methods
described above really do work very well once you get the hang of them.
Good luck! If you are getting frustrated, you can find videos on YouTube
that show these strategies in action.
all khbbs walkthrough credits to starrk and gamefaqs

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