Kingdom Hearts:Birth By Sleep - Last Episode Walkthrough

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| / | _ | SECTION 4 [WLK:L] | / | _ |
| \ \ | | | | WALKTHROUGH: LAST EPISODE AND BEYOND | \ \ | | | |
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Completed all three stories, and looking for some closure? Then this section is
for you! To unlock the Last Episode, you need to do some things above and
beyond completing each story. Here is the exact list of what you need to do,
depending on difficulty level:

Easy: Impossible. Sorry =(.

Normal: Get all Mickey marks in the journal with all three characters. I think
this means get all abilities, get all Xehanort's reports, complete all
mini-games, etc.

Proud: Get all Xehanort's reports.

You need to achieve these things with each character, THEN win the game with
that character. For example, if you forgot to pick up Xehanort's Report #5 with
Terra, you have to pick it up, and then beat his final boss again. If you do
everything right, the game will give you the option of creating a new save for
the Last Episode. Make sure you don't overwrite another save you want to keep!

If you want, you can go to most of the same old worlds in the Last Episode.
Only the Radiant Garden and Keyblade Graveyard are different from before.

[WLK:L1] Last Episode and Beyond: Radiant Garden

when you are ready for the final boss fight, go to Radiant Garden. There is no
exploring here - it is just right onto the boss fights.

+--BOSS FIGHT: MASTER XEHANORT------------------------------------------------+
| Reward: NONE |
| |
| This is basically a repeat of Terra's final battle against Master Xehanort. |
| There are three main differences that I have noticed: |
| |
| - Master Xehanort is higher level here, so it will take longer to kill |
| him. |
| - Since you are playing Aqua, you have Reflect instead of Guard. |
| - I don't think Master Xehanort does the meteor attack. |
| |
| Pretty much, Reflect + Barrier Cracker is all you need here. With the |
| exception of the Keyblade cannon (which you should run away from), every |
| single one of Master Xehanort's attacks can be Reflected. Just stand near |
| him, pressing Square to Reflect, and then O to counter. Since Xehanort will |
| be attacking constantly, even the timing is even. And if you have Reflect |
| Barrier, Last Life, and Combo Life, you shouldn't even need to heal. |
| |
| Because there are no meteors, the main threat here is the fast combo that |
| Xehanort occasionally does which ends with a fist. This can be Reflected |
| like everything else, but if you mess up, you can actually die from it even |
| with Combo Life. So if you do get hit, be sure to mash Square to try to |
| Cartwheel out of the way. |
| |
| Seriously though: Reflect + Barrier Cracker. He won't stand a chance. |

+--BOSS FIGHT: MASTER XEHANORT AND GUARDIAN-----------------------------------+
| Reward: NONE |
| |
| Alright, something new! This fight is pretty epic, but I wouldn't say it's |
| very hard. There are pretty long delays between attacks, so you should have |
| plenty of time to back off and heal whenever you need to. Here are the |
| attacks you will be seeing: |
| |
| 1. Xehanort slides towards you along the ground, possibly segueing into |
| the standard combo from the previous fight. If you see the attack |
| coming, you can stop it with Reflect + Barrier Cracker. |
| |
| 2. The Guardian shoots a couple volleys of dark balls at you. These are |
| easy to dodge or Reflect, but if you do get hit, you will be blinded. |
| Just mash Square to Cartwheel around until you can see again. |
| |
| 3. The Guardian shoots a pair of energy blasts straight forward along the |
| ground. He will usually shoot two or three times with short pauses |
| between each volley. Avoid these with Cartwheel or just by running out |
| of the way. (Reflect doesn't work.) |
| |
| 4. If you are very nearby, the Guardian might swing at you with its arms. |
| You can use Cartwheel or Reflect to avoid this attack. If you counter |
| with Barrier Cracker, the Guardian may swing again and hit you. It |
| doesn't hurt that much though. |
| |
| 5. The screen goes dark and the Guardian leaps high into the air. You |
| will then see a puddle appear below you and hear a sound. Cartwheel |
| immediately to avoid the Guardian leaping at you from the puddle. You |
| will have to do this eight times! If you do get hit, it looks pretty |
| scary, but it isn't all that powerful. The other piece of good news is |
| there is time for one safe combo as soon as the screen goes dark. (You |
| have to be fast though.) There is also time for a couple combos after |
| the attack is done. |
| |
| Unlike the other "final" bosses in this game, Master Xehanort is pretty |
| vulnerable to regular combos here. Dodge an attack, then go in and hit him. |
| There is some chance he will swing back with attack #4, but usually you |
| will see the Guardian get stunned, and you will then have time for a full |
| combo. |
| |
| Later in the fight, the Guardian gets a new attack which is pretty cool: |
| |
| 6. Xehanort moves towards you slowly, then the Guardian leaves Xehanort |
| and dives at you. You CAN avoid this with Reflect or Cartwheel, but I |
| recommend getting hit. (Try to position yourself some ways away from |
| Xehanort though when you get hit.) You won't take any damage, but the |
| Guardian will hold you in place. Mash O to break free. If you are too |
| slow, Xehanort and will come and combo you. But either way, Terra will |
| break free of Xehanort's grasp in the meantime. |
| |
| Your goal is now to make it to Terra, but the Guardian will try to |
| stop you. If you are far away, it will shoot dark balls at you. If you |
| are close, it will do a swipe. So the trick is use Cartwheel to get |
| in a little bit, and then do one big jump to go the rest of the way. |
| The Guardian will swipe along the ground and miss you. Once you are |
| next to Terra, press Square and then press O when the big circle you |
| see has almost disappeared. You will do a sweet aura attack if all |
| goes well. |
| |
| Be sure not to hit Terra with an attack though. If you hit him, the |
| Guardian will regain control and you will miss your chance. |
| |
| This new attack doesn't really change much. It's just a fun opportunity to |
| see some cool animations. Just remember: avoid Xehanort's attack, go in for |
| a combo, and repeat. If you have gotten this far, you are more than ready |
| to take this guy down! |

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